Running Program Schedule for Absolute Beginners

Our Schedule for absolute beginners will help you progress from walking to running a half-marathon, in only eighteen weeks. That’s right – you will be running alongside seasoned athletes and feeling great about your accomplishment! A great beginners’ running program is designed to help you build your strength and endurance while preventing injury and allowing you to increase your running speed and distance. Our program combines cardiovascular exercise with strength training, getting you started with a cardio walk in order to allow your body to ease into your new running routine!

  • Cardio Walk (CW): This cardio walk has a multitude of cardiovascular benefits, and burns fat efficiently. Keep your walking pace quick and your arms swinging front to back at chest level. Designed to ease you gradually into the running portion of your training, cardio walk is an essential part of this program.
  • Strength Training (ST): A good strength training program utilizes free weights, machines, and your own body weight in order to increase the strength of your muscles. These sessions allow your muscles to increasingly resist force, causing your muscles to meet the growing demand by becoming stronger. Strong muscles are essential to running success. You can find, both home and gym, strength training routines on
  • Cross Training: Cross training is essential to any running program. It combines a variety of exercises, including aerobics, cycling, walking, jogging, skating, snow-skiing, weight-lifting, and swimming.
  • Mile (M): As your fitness level increases, your distance will increase as well. Any number followed by the letter ‘M’, in the schedule, dictates the number of miles you should aim to cover in your workout.

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