10 Energizing Meditation Songs

Perfect for a subtle energy boost in the morning, or when you want to meditate without immediately falling asleep.

10 Energizing Meditation Songs for Deeper Relaxation

Are you looking for a meditation track that won’t put you to sleep? Searching for an invigorating morning song? SkinnyMs. has compiled a list of 10 energizing meditation songs that will help you think positive and focus on your tasks. Buffer these 10 songs the next time you need to meditate or wake up in the morning.

10 Energizing Meditation Songs

1. Think Positive Track

This meditation music is equal parts moving and cheerful. It will keep you thinking positive throughout the day!

2. Morning Motivation

The isochronic tones in this song will wake you up in the morning. They enhance your focus and energy levels to keep you productive all day.

3. Reiki Music and The Wonders of Nature

Reiki music has been used to help people find better emotional alignment. This energizing track will help you feel more balanced throughout your day.

4. Energia Al Corazon

Another lovely Reiki song. “Energia al Corazon” means energy to the heart in Spanish.

5. Alpha Waves Study Music

Alpha waves are believed to improve concentration, focus, and brain activity. This 3-hour Alpha wave track is perfect for working or studying because it won’t distract you or cause drowsiness.

6. Peaceful Morning Instrumental Music

If blasting electronic music is too much for you in the morning, play this instrumental track as you get dressed. It will wake you up in a gentler manner.

7. Disney Piano Collection

Return to your childhood with this piano compilation of some of the best Disney songs.

8. Hawaiian Music

This Hawaiian acoustic guitar and ukelele track is both relaxing and energizing. It’ll put a smile on your face and make you dream of sunny vacations by the water.

9. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

The only song on our list with vocals, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’ s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is the perfect morning tune. It’s soothing and incredibly happy; the kind of song that invokes calming imagery and positive thoughts.

10. Chakra Power Hour

To conclude our list of energizing meditation songs, we bring you this Chakra power hour track. It uses vibrations of a precise frequency to help you focus and energize.

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