How to Improve Balance in 7 Days

Wondering how to improve balance? Try yoga!

Wondering how to improve balance? Try yoga!

It’s easy to believe that yoga is for naturally stretchy and flexible people. This is far from the truth. You don’t have to hoist your legs over your head to practice yoga. In fact, people with limited balance and flexibility can benefit from yoga quite a bit.

Yoga is a great way to improve your balance, keep your muscles loose, and build core strength. Poses that challenge you to stand on one leg will help you become more balanced. The muscles necessary for stability will become stronger. Before you know it, you’ll be better balanced and have more flexibility that you ever thought possible.

Below are five yoga poses for balance. Perform this routine every day for a week and you’ll see how quickly your balance improves.

Yoga Basics:
1. Yoga is all about breathing. When holding a pose, don’t hold your breath. Inhale for three to five counts, then exhale for three to five counts.
2. Hold each pose for about five breaths. If you find it difficult to hold a pose for all five breaths, begin with three and push yourself to reach five on the following days.
3. Don’t strain your back. To prevent injury, try to keep a neutral spine without arching.

Equipment Needed: None! That’s right, you don’t need any equipment for this routine.

1. Tree Pose
2. Warrior I
3. Warrior II
4. Warrior III
5. Half Moon Pose

Don’t forget to perform the routine on both sides. Do all five poses with your right leg, then all five poses with your left leg.

Tree Pose:

Warrior I:

Warrior II:

Warrior III:

Half Moon Pose:

Love the yoga routine? Have some more balance-improving poses to share with the SkinnyMs. community? Let us know! Leave a comment below.

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