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  • We-Will-Rock-You-Playlist-to-Rev-Up-Your-Workout-300x300

    We Will Rock You Playlist to Rev Up Your Workout

    Are you ready to rock?!

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    Couch to Gym Workout Playlist

    These beats will have you up and moving in no time.

  • Power Hour Playlist

    The Power-Hour Playlist

    Get pumped with our one hour playlist!

  • Cardio-Top-10-Playlist Thumbnail

    Cardio Top Ten Playlist

    Get pumped up with these tunes!

  • Motivating Workout Songs

    Workout Songs to Get Your Body Moving!

    Choose your tunes wisely!

  • 7-Best-Workout-Songs-for-2014 Thumbnail

    The Ultimate Workout Playlist

    Take your workouts to the next level with tunes to motivate you through even the toughest workout.

  • 7-Best-Workout-Songs-for-2014 Thumbnail

    7 Best Workout Songs of 2014

    Pump up exercise with these tunes.

  • Top 5 Spotify Stations for Workouts Thumbnail

    Top 5 Spotify Stations for Workouts

    Queue up a Spotify playlist for a powerful workout!

  • The right music playlist can be the difference between burning 100 calories and burning 400 calories. The trick is discovering the right mix of songs to take your mind off of small aches and fatigue, and keep …

  • 70 Love Songs to Get Your Heart Pumping

    Here’s a list of 70 of our favorite Love Songs that are upbeat enough to Get Your Heart Pumping throughout any workout:

  • Top-10-Pandora-Stations-for-Workouts-300x300

    Top 10 Pandora Stations for Workouts

    Pandora Internet Radio is a online music recommendation service that plays musical selections of a certain genre based on your artist selections. Once you provide positive or negative feedback for songs chosen by the service, your selections are taken into …

  • DJ Eko

    22 Songs To Cook To: A Soulful Playlist by DJ Eko

    We found DJ Eko this 4th of July via her super pumped up Electro Yum mix. Hopping online and visiting her website we learned that she has DJ’d for Beyonce and was featured in Martha Stewart Magazine …

  • Stay Inspired With These 75 Workout Songs Thumbnail

    Stay Inspired With These 75 Workout Songs

    If you need more motivation to get fit, here are the 75 best songs to add to your iPod workout playlist to keep you inspired. There is always an excuse for why we can’t workout…the laundry, grocery store, errands, career, …

  • Cardio and Weight Lifting Playlists

    Cardio and Weightlifting Playlist!

    We all know good music can make a world of difference in a workout.  Skinny Ms. brings you these heart pounding tracks for your cardio sessions and weightlifting days! We selected songs for the warm up, roughly 115-119 …

  • Workout & Running Playlist! Something for Everyone

    Workout & Running Playlist! Music for Everyone!

    Did you know listening to music while running can keep you running longer and possibly faster? Many people today have realized listening to music helps them to achieve longer workouts when the going gets tough! According to …

  • Music Motivation

    Music Motivation

    It is always hard to maintain a consistent workout program over the summer. Schedules are off due to camps, summer schools, and hopefully a fun family vacation or two! When I am traveling it is almost impossible for me to …

  • Motivational Music, Top Songs That Get You Revved-Up! Thumbnail

    Motivational Music, Top Songs That Get You Revved-Up!

    Listening to music during your workout can inspire you to push yourself harder, get up that last hill or do just one more rep. Getting through your workout can be fun, and easier if your cardio (or …

  • 26 Workout Songs to Keep You Going Thumbnail

    26 Workout Songs to Keep You Going

    It is a huge sense of accomplishment to commit to an exercise routine and stick with it. Diligence is rewarded with the obvious -a healthy body mind and spirit, and maybe a smaller dress size or flatter stomach if you …

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