101 Uses For Coconut Oil

A tablespoon of coconut oil

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Cooking Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil:

            • A healthy addition to salad oils
            • Substitutes for vegetable oils in baked goods
            • Substitutes for frying oils
            • Substitutes for butter
            • Tenderizes roast meats
            • Adds nutrients to soups and stews
            • Sweetens teas and coffees
            • Flavors ice cubes for cold drinks

Other Household Benefits of Coconut Oil:

              • Conditions cutting boards
              • Polishes metal
              • Moisturizes leather
              • Seasons cast iron skillets
              • Replaces WD-40
              • Creates a natural insect repellant when mixed with peppermint oil
              • Prevents freezer burn
              • Cleanses tubs and showers
              • Polishes stainless steel
              • Cleans barbecues
              • Removes wax
              • Removes insects from bumpers
              • Removes sap
              • Unsticks stubborn zippers
              • Polishes shoes
              • Lubricates bike chains
              • Shines plant leaves
              • Lubricates guitar strings
              • Removes gum from hair and fabrics
              • Replaces other oils in play dough and Goo recipes

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil to Your Pet:

                • Improves bad breath
                • Shampoos and conditions fur
                • Eliminates fleas and ticks
                • Prevents kitty litter from sticking to the tray

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  1. I started using coconut oil about a year ago and I love it. I no longer use or buy cooking oils, facial cleansers or moisturizers. I use for cooking, cleaning, I clean my make-up brushes with it. I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin since I stopped using commercial cleansers and moisturizers. It is softer, smooth and seems to have more natural color! I give my two cats one teaspoon a day with their food, it has helped their coats, making them shiny and silky. Also helps with shredding! I also use it on my friend who has cancer and is going through chemo, it helps him with dry skin, nausea and seems to smooth his tummy a bit. I wish I had known about this much earlier in life. I try daily to find new uses for it. Its my go to!

    1. I put a small amount on my palm, wait for it to melt, rub all over my face and then remove with a warm , wet face cloth. No need for moisturizer. My skin feels incredible and my acne is gone. It seems counter-intuitive to use oil, but soap removes oil causing the skin to be dry and therefore produce more oil. This stuff is great!

  2. I tried taking coconut oil and after 2 days of taking it ,,, it gave me the juicy squirts …. does this pass after taking it for awhile?

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  4. I'd like to try this with my mother in law who I have started taking care of due to Alzheimer's early on set…but how in cooking? or like a added to vitiams?

    Thanks I agree we need a link on HOW to use in many cases!

    1. Bonnie, did you see the doctor oz show on 5/8/14 where a doctor shows a link between Alzheimer's and gluten? Very interesting! Just wanted to share

  5. My family have used it in our hair ever since I can remember…tradition handed down to us from past generations. Smells great and leaves hair healthy and shiny.

      1. It depends on the hair type. People with curly hair can use a bit of coconut oil like a leave-in conditioner, applying when hair is wet from the scalp to the ends and leaving it in. People with straight hair should definitely rinse it out, unless their hair is very dry, in which case it can be left in.

  6. Great resource share! Coconut oil has so many uses! Its just amazing! Thanks for the wonderful share!

  7. What about taking this in a pill? I've seen it at GNC. I do have the virgin coconut oil. I use it for a facial and all over moisturizer. I do cook with it for certain foods. I would love for my husband to take this but getting him to take it solid/liquified he want do it. I've heard it is great for your joints as well.

    1. I found the pills at SAMs club, and have been using them. I also started oil pulling, but can't do it for the 20 minutes, my cheeks get too sore.

  8. I've been using coconut oil for about 3 years now, I don't think there is anything else to use honestly. It helps with skin, hair, nails, health, basically everything. And using it to cook, Oh my sweet Lord in heaven, it is the best thing to use, I am a vegetarian soon to be vegan and I tell you it adds aroma or taste depending on how much you use and it is so healthy, I use it to sautee veggies and fry soy chicken, it is incredible.

    1. Laura, Some proponents of coconut oil for weight loss say that it can speed up your metabolism. We don't know if that is true, but though saturated it still is a healthy fat, lauric acid, that can be processed by the body for energy fairly easily and unlike dairy fats and meat fats, does not contribute to heart disease.

  9. The 101 list is great but an explanation and directions on how to would be great. If there is an add for a book. I must have missed it

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