5 Eating Habits that Keep You Hungry After a Meal

Scratching your head as you help yourself to seconds? Here's why.

5 Eating Habits that Keep You Hungry After a Meal

4. You Need More Water
If you feel hungry after licking your plate clean, ask yourself if you drank enough water. Your body can oftentimes confuse thirst for hunger. In fact, research shows that hunger symptoms imitate dehydration symptoms. Before you know it, these mixed signals have you helping yourself to extra portions at dinner. The calorie-free, high volume beverage also takes up room in your stomach, making you feel fuller while keeping your energy levels up. Consider downing a full glass of water next time you feel dissatisfied, then ask yourself if you’re still hungry!

Leave it to water to help you shed pounds and lose inches! Here are 10 Ways Drinking Water can help you Lose Weight.

5. You Consumed Too Much Sugar
Did you down a can of coke earlier in the day? Chances are, you’ve spotted your culprit. Sweetened beverages and snacks, such as soda, iced teas, and numerous store-bought snack bars, contain high fructose corn syrup and other processed sugars that take a toll on your appetite. Research shows that these sweeteners lessen brain activity in regions that regulate your appetite. Without stimulation in these areas, your brain experiences fewer signals that indicate fullness. This triggers cravings, and tricks your body into thinking it’s hungry. So step away from the sweeteners!

If you have a habit of including something sugary in every meal, you’re not alone. Read Break Your Sugar Addiction and learn how to banish these cravings and wave goodbye to your sweet tooth.

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