How to Find Time To Meditate

Find time to meditate with these simple tips.

Ways to Improve Your Physical and Mental Health with Meditation

Meditation? Is she talking to me? I know! Who’s got time? You’ve got so much going on and your schedule is crazy busy. Your mind races a mile a minute even when you think you’re NOT thinking. Besides, you’ve tried it. It didn’t work for you.


I’m here to tell you, your long lost zen can be found.

Drum roll please….

Shower Meditation.

Water is extremely soothing. Instead of rushing through your daily cleansing give yourself a few extra minutes. Take deep breaths and put your attention on the feeling of the water running down your skin.

Body Meditation.

Enjoy slowly, gently, and intently smoothing your favorite lotion onto your body. Again, focus on the feeling of your skin on your hands and your hands on your skin.

Look in the Mirror.

Give yourself a long glance in the mirror and say “thank you for giving me your time and attention”, then go about your day. You deserve it!

Candle Gazing.

Try candle gazing with a simple unscented tea light. Find a comfy, quiet place to sit and relax. With soft eyes, breathe and gaze. Shoot for 5 minutes, 10, then 15. Candle gazing is thought to strengthen your eyes, too: Double the pleasure.

Rock In.

Apps like YouTube’s The Honest Guys, Spotify, Pandora, ITunes Radio, and Amazon are your friends. Whether you like Deepak Chopra or Alan Finger guiding you to bliss, upbeat Chakra music, the soothing sounds of rain and crickets, or smooth jazz, you can find it online. Simply hit play while making sure to breathe and you’re on your way.

Be Gentle.

Let pesky thoughts stroll on down the river while bringing your attention back to your breathing and viola! You’re back… Ahhhh, feels so good. Life is all about finding what works for us as individuals. Often it’s a combination of small things.

~ Written by Zuyapa

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