Living With A Carnivore

Find ways to make your carnivore happy, while sticking to your vegetarian diet!

Boy meets girl. Girl moves in with boy. Boy is a carnivore. Girl… not…..

Hello, I’m the girl. I never thought of myself as a traditionalist but I guess love will do it. I cook for us and care that he likes it. Did I mention that I’ve never lived with a guy before? You see, this is all around huge for me!

Life, vanity and my aging body have taught me that eating healthy is important for looking and feeling great. My carnivore has taught me that eating healthy is different for him than it is for me. Sigh…Love….

Dare I say it? I’m learning compromise. Alas, I’ve found a couple of great go-to’s that keep us both happy.

Rotisserie chicken: Organic, antibiotic and hormone free is a rule for me. You can season with just about anything you want: sea salt/ pepper/ lemon, ready seasoning mixture, or a dry herb rub. I make a mix by finely chopping garlic, rosemary, sea salt, pepper, lemon and olive oil. Then I rub it inside and outside of the chicken, pop it into the oven and about 45 minutes later, he’s got dinner and lunch sandwiches. I’ve got the option to nibble it and bones for chicken stock. Win-Win.

The challenge: Greens! They’re a must for me. He’s warming up to it but likes Kale. I’m not crazy about the texture but the rich green leaves are packed with nutrients and offer many options for preparation.

I like to wash and chop the Kale for salad. Finely chop garlic (or garlic powder) add sea salt, cracked black pepper, squeeze lemon, grate parmesan cheese over that (or pre-grated), drizzle some olive oil, shake it up and you too will love Kale Caesar Salad.

Bon appetite

Written by Zuyapa Jackson. Follow her on Twitter.

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