10 Ways Portion Control Can Help You Lose Weight Quickly

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7. More nutrients

An important aspect of portion control is providing your body with the essential amount of nutrients it needs in a smaller amount of calories. When I began portion controlling, I discovered that I was feeding my body way more than it needed–but not enough of the things it does need.

Proper portion control mixed with proper meal prep can help you ensure that you’re getting in the right amounts of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, carbs, and protein in the right amount of calories. You’d be surprised just how much veggies can fill you up and keep you satisfied!

8. Metabolism boosting

Eating smaller meals throughout the day has been proven to boost metabolism. A higher metabolism leads to a higher success in losing weight. Portion controlled meals are smaller and, when portioned correctly, can lead to three small meals and one or two snacks throughout the day. This means that portion control can lead to a higher metabolism, which also means that it can lead to weight loss.

Great food, more meal times in a day, and weight loss…I can’t think of any reasons NOT to start portion controlling!

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9. Fat blasting

When you over eat and consume more calories than your body needs a day, your body takes those extra calories and stores them as fat. Portion control has helped me to do the opposite. In the beginning stages, it helped me to consume less calories than I burned a day, so that I could burn that extra fat that my body was storing. It, therefore, helped me to lose the weight I had been trying to lose for years in just a short amount of time.

Now that I’m at a healthy weight, portion control helps me to stay at this weight and ensure that I don’t eat too many calories and add back on those extra pounds of fat…because let’s be real, nobody wants that!

10. Less restricting

Restriction is a major cause of binge-eating and, therefore, a major factor in why people fail to lose weight. On top of that, restriction is also a reason why many people find themselves to be unhappy during the weight loss process, when they should be overjoyed.

Many well-educated people believe that when it comes to losing weight, quantity is more important than quality. While I believe that it’s important and beneficial to try to eat as many natural, whole foods as possible, I can’t help but partially agree with these people. Allowing yourself to eat a controlled portion of chocolate every once in a while isn’t going to damage your weight loss progress. In fact, it could actually help it if it means that you won’t binge-eat that chocolate later in the day.

Now that you’re aware of the ways portion control can help you lose weight quickly, it’s up to you to take the initiative to better yourself and lose that weight through monitoring your meals! You got this!

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