Top 10 Pandora Stations for Running

Turn music into adrenaline!

If you’re looking for a good source of motivation, check out our round-up of the best Pandora stations for running.A good song can course through you like a shot of adrenaline. We’ve all been there, pushing through the last stretch of our run, thinking we’ve spent all our energy, and suddenly our favorite song comes on and we get a sudden second wind. We find that our legs can run a little further and a little faster. All we need is the right motivation. Upbeat, fast paced, and never boring, these 10 stations can help you push past your limits.

1. Latin Workout
Featuring some great Puerto Rican superstars such as Daddy Yankee and Don Oman, as well as international sensations like Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull, this high-energy station can help you conquer the trails!

2. Running 180 BPM
Because many elite runners have been found to take about 180 steps per minute, songs with a tempo of 180 BPM (beats per minute) have long been used to pace runs. Check out this station to see if you can improve your pace!

3. Electronic Cardio
If you like to get lost in your thoughts while running, this might be the station for you. No lyrics and no distractions.

4. Pop & Hip Hop Power Workout
This station features artists such as Flo Rida, Pitbull, David Guetta, and Usher.

5. Dancehall
You might not be familiar with dancehall as a music genre, but you’ve probably heard many of these songs. Get ready to start dancing along! Evolved from reggae with a more upbeat pace, this station has dirty dancing written all over it.

6. Dance Pop
Dance pop is ideal for both dancing and running. You’ll recognize many of the big name artists featured on this station, including Rihanna and Kesha.

7. 80’s Cardio
Let this throwback station power your run with hits from 80s legends like Madonna and Michael Jackson!

8. Rap Strength Training
Although it was curated for strength training, this playlist is ideal for runners as well. Anything that makes you feel powerful can help you get through the last few miles.

9. Alternative Endurance Training
If you just can’t stand mainstream music, this alternative music station might be more your style. It includes bands such as Young the Giant, The White Stripes, and Florence and the Machine. You may end up listening even when you aren’t running.

10. Country Fitness
And finally, a Pandora station for lovers of country music, featuring artists like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, and Florida Georgia Line, to name a few.

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Sofia Lopez

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