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Happy International Women’s Day! This year, Skinny Ms. is giving away our 3 eBook Package to celebrate Women Who Inspire. Name a woman who has inspired you in your journey to live healthy and be strong in the comments section at the bottom of this page. Comments should be no longer than 50 words. Click on the entry form to show that you’ve entered and you just might be the lucky winner. This bundle includes our Total Body Transformation Program to tone and define muscle, 36 Fat Blasters to lose inches, and 7 Power Breakfasts to energize your day.

The winner will be selected at random from all of the entries on Monday, March 10 at 12 PM, noon, Eastern time. *You must be over 18 to enter.

Good luck!

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  1. My Mama inspires me to be strong and healthy. She has rheumatoid arthritis but still keeps an active and healthy life. She inspires me to take better care of myself and be active. I am trying to get healthy by eating right and exercising but am somewhat lost on how to do it.

  2. Jillian Michaels is the biggest inspiration in my life! She motivated me to make a change in my life and to embark upon a weight loss journey so I can be the best and healthiest mother I can be for my daughter! I've never met Jillian but reading her books and listening to her speak about making your dreams come true was such a powerful motivator!
    I'm now much more confident about my life as a childrens book author and illustrator because I now have the confidence to reach for the stars and to motivate children to make their dreams come true!

  3. My daughter, Christina. She is only 19 years old has been going through a hormonal issues for over a year. She had terrible mood swings, depression, anxiety, migraines, and insomnia. She was put on medication to help her with those symptoms and than developed terrible food cravings and excessive eating habits. She gained 35 pounds and lost herself in her own body image. She now has lost 20 pounds and is working out hard and seeing a health coach to get herself back on track. She is the strongest person I know to pull herself through her ordeal. She now is going to college to be in the Fitness/Wellness field where she wants to help others through there ordeal

  4. Melissa Bender makes videos that inspire me to move and challenge me. She also gives great tips for nutrition.

  5. My Best Friend has shown me that no matter what life throws you that it is up to you to conquer it and never give up.

  6. Leilani Freitas Essenberg- my former personal trainer. she has worked so hard to lose weight and be healthy and she has decided to share her gifts of encouragement and motivation with others by becoming a personal trainer and fitness class instructor. i this beautiful, strong woman! she kickboxes; lifts like a beast; leads Zumba, RIPPED, Pound and Spin classes…all with a bum knee. she also helps her husband on their ranch and helps with ranch for children who have been bullied, Pathfinder Ranch. she is a busy lady and such an inspiration!

  7. My good friend Andrea is an inspiration and my anchor. She is there when I feel like a failure and there to give me a good kick when needed. She is always there to celebrate the small and large victories, and provide me with ideas for food choices to consider. She has lost over 80 lbs in her journey and I have lost over 50 along with her help.

  8. I actually inspire myself! Silly yes, but I've always been overweight and I have finally motivated myself to get healthy by realizing I can do anything! I always looked for people to inspire me, but it should have been me all along! I've hiked Mount Whitney, and now I'm running!

  9. My friend Jennifer Haag inspires me every day. She has lost weight by eating healthy, not by starving herself, and exercising. She eats well, runs and lifts weights. She has shown me and others that losing weight doesn't have to be such a difficult experience.

  10. definitely, my daughter, Alicia Krueger!!! When I lost my job in 2009, she paid for a one year membership to Curves! What a blessing to start my new health attitude with this membership! I still go to Curves and eat healthy most of the time!I just keep on trudging the best the best I can! so, Moooove it and Veg out is the mottos for this 63 year old lady!

  11. My grandchildren, Zane (8) and Rhys (5)….and just turning 65…I want to get fit and be able to do things with them without getting worn out or saying I can't do that…and to be around to see them grow up…they are my inspiration to get better and do more thru the eyes of children. ❤️❤️

  12. My 79 year old mom. She works 50 hours a week but still makes time to walk, do her own yard work, shovel snow and eat healthy. She owns a juicer and a vitamix to make green smoothies in the morning. She tries to get her coworkers to eat healthy foods. She is an awesome role model.

  13. Although she is yet a woman,my Daughter inspires me to be healthy and strong. My daughter means so much to me and I know as her mother she will inspire to be like her momma. I have to be a woman I am ok with my daughter being. 😉 That woman is a strong and healthy woman.

  14. My mom has had the biggest influence on me. She has always tried to keep my focus on the positive aspects of life, health, and body image. She has attempted to set an example for our entire family by making healthy meals and substituting fruits/vegetables into desserts (with mixed results 😀 !). I love that about her.

  15. My friend Sharon Mannix has great influence on me, as she has transformed her own life via weight loss and fitness goals…she encourages me with healthy lifestyle choices and makes time to walk with me, hit the gym or just talk about things in a positive way. Her attitude and inspiration is refreshing. I believe a non-judgmental approach is why she is so helpful to me!

  16. My mother! She always leads by example. She is never judge mental and always there for me & my family! She makes us all feel like we are the favorite! I love her & don't know where I would be without her!

  17. My 5 year old daughter has inspired me to be more healthy, It was 1 year ago I was 186lbs and could not even climb stairs without feeling winded let alone play outside with her or feel comfortable going swimming with her, all because I was ashamed of the way I looked. I don't want my daughter to feel bad about herself in any way so I started making healthy choices, eating better, training for a 5k and most recently finishing Insanity. I always made sure I never spoke negatively about myself especially in front of her but I realized that by not joining her in activities she loved I was still sending her unhealthy body issues, I'm a work in progress 🙂

  18. My inspiration is my best friend, Shannon. She is an amazing step-mom and mother, wife and friend! She had a medical scare and took that to mean she needed to get healthy….for herself and those that love her! She is not a "look at me" kind of person…she quietly started working on weight loss and living healthy, then brought me and her sister in law along the journey by getting us involved and motivating us! She always has a smile and kind word for everyone! She is amazing!

  19. Linda Parshall runs a page: the Taste of Fit by Linda Parshall. We went to high school together but she moved our sophomore year. We reconnected via FB. She has taught me how to eat clean and push what I thought were my limits in exercising. I've shared the info I've learned from her with others and am helping them get healthy!

  20. My cousin-in-law, Lara Hudson (star of lots of pilates and yoga videos and proprietor of The Mercury Method in Chicago (http://themercurymethod.com/). She works hard to be fit, but she meets people where they are and is cheerful and encouraging even while challenging them. Big fan.

  21. My youngest sister Brenna is my inspiration. Four years ago she decided to try to loose weight and change her eating to lower her cholesterol instead of going on meds-and she did. When I was headed that direction 2 yrs later I knew I could because she had. She's kept it off and is still going strong. She works nights as a nurse and has 2 boys she's raising but still finds the time to exercise and eat right. She's amazing and is always there give me words of encouragement as I continue my journey to get fit and healthy.

  22. My sister, Brenda, diagnosed with lupus over 20 years ago. Despite years of taking steroids and other medications with awful side effects and a disease that has taken a toll on her body, she walks two miles a day, eats healthy and teaches second graders. She doesn't let the constant pain of her disease slow her down and she chooses to stay active to keep her mind off her illness.

  23. The Skinny Ms has inspired me to eat health even though I do not cook well. A friend who shared your healthy recipes online and I have used them ever since. They help me to plan ahead so that I always have some prepared meals when I get home. For that I thank you very much.

  24. Jennifer Hudson. I follow the Weight Watchers program and I find her very inspiring with all of the weight she has lost.

  25. My mother. She has always been my biggest inspiration, not only in fitness, but in everything I do. She had always encourage me to be a better person. We are always together in everything, workouts and diets. She is my biggest inspiration.

  26. My sister inspires me to be physically and mentally healthy everyday. She has over come so much and is a really strong woman. Even though she's my little sister she a huge inspiration.

  27. My Best Friend Katie, She has always believed in me and together we are making great choices. #teamwork #support

  28. My little sister Lou Fudge is my inspiration. She has been plant based for over a year now and is a great runner. She has two kids and a house full of dogs and still manages to work 🙂 She makes meal plans all the time, even plans healthy snacks. She's my buddy and my rock 🙂 Although I am in France and she lives in Texas, she's always there for me 🙂 <3

  29. I am inspired by my sister who overcame childhood obesity & is now a fitness instructor…& more fit than I am!

  30. I am my own inspiration. I know that may sound conceded, but I have decided to take MY life back. In high school I was fit and always worked out. I suffered from a knee injury that took all that away from me. I no longer could run, jump, or do lunges. I slowly started gaining weight and at the age of 27 I was blessed with my daughter. Since then I have maintained my weight, but it's not healthy or a weight to be proud of. I have decided to take my life back and be a mother my daughter can look up to and a wife my husband can be proud of. I started my challenge 21 days ago and am down 8lbs. I've very excited about that. It is now a life style change and not just a diet. My mind is set and I determined!! I want it and I want it bad!!

  31. My sister Jamie is an inspiring woman. She battled with weight most of her life. Being a self-described "fat-kid" lead her to be overweight for her teenage and early adult years. Though healthy, she had been unsatisfied with her physical appearance. In the summer of 2012, she joined a gym and started making healthy eating decisions. Because of her choices, the weight started falling off! Within a year, she lost 80 lbs! She's kept the weight off for over a year!! This is all coming from the sister who was considered the "smaller sister" for most of my life. In preparing for my wedding in the fall of 2011, I started running and dropped 25 lbs. I was in the best shape of my life. (My weight loss inspired my sister to start doing something about her weight!) Three weeks before I was married, I was laid off. It took 8 months for me to find a job. My self-worth plummeted and so did my healthy eating habits and exercise routine. The following January (2012) I found out I was pregnant. Being pregnant was the best gift and blessing, but my health wasn't in check and I wound up gaining 60 lbs! It was awful! Long story short, my sister soon became my inspiration to lose the weight. 11 months after my daughter was born, my sister moved from Pittsburgh to live in New Orleans with me. We joined a gym together and are now workout buddies. Since joining the gym 6 1/2 months ago, I've lost 40 lbs! I can't be more excited and it's great to know that my sister is always there cheering me on! We learn new exercises and take classes at the gym together. We share healthy recipes and sometimes cook for each other. She's the best!

  32. My best friend Jody inspires me to be healthy and stay strong. Through years of family abuse, a crazy marriage and raising 3 BEAUTIFUL daughters on her own, she always has time to remind me that I am worth fighting for. Her determination, compassion and strength not only makes me want to fight for myself, but thrive to be the best me possible.

  33. Patty Clark Harris My wonderful friend Stephanie Hartzler. On September 30, 2013, my husband passed away, and that day she called me and said he wanted to help me get healthy. She got me started on a healthcare supplement product line and eating plan and has encouraged me and worked out with me every day since that time. Last week I hit the 50 pound mark. I know she will be with me through the rest of my journey–to lose 100 more pounds. Both by trade (she is a physical therapist) and personally, she is actively committed to making the world a more healthy and happy place. I am blessed to call her my friend.

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