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101 Uses For Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil has been used for home and beauty purposes for over 5000 years, but recent studies have shown that it offers an array of health benefits, too. From building a resistance to viruses and bacteria, to increasing metabolism and controlling blood sugar, to helping to reduce cholesterol, coconut oil can almost do it all. It has even become a natural substitute for a plethora of household items. Coconut Oil can be found in most health food and drug stores, and at many online retailers. Look for unrefined, virgin varieties for cooking and health needs. Any type of coconut oil should suffice for household needs. Still not convinced of the versatility of coconut oil? Here are 101 uses for this increasingly popular oil.

Be sure to watch the short video below about the health benefits of non-hydrogenated, unrefined Coconut Oil.

Spectrum Naturals is our favorite Coconut Oil for cooking and health purposes.

Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil:

      • Lowers cholesterol
      • Improves thyroid function
      • Aids with digestion
      • Stabilizes blood sugar
      • Suppresses the appetite
      • Treats Irritable Bowl Syndrome
      • Improves immune function
      • Relieves stress
      • Increases metabolism
      • Works as a natural energy boost
      • Moisturizes dry or chapped nostrils
      • Soothes achy muscles
      • Prevents dandruff- when used as a shampoo
      • Treats eczema or psoriasis- by ingesting and using topically
      • Treats ringworm
      • Soothes sore throats- when gargled with
      • Cures yeast infections- both internal and external
      • Promotes weight loss
      • Treats cold sores
      • Treats pink eye
      • Prevents hangnails- when rubbed into the cuticle
      • Treats small cuts and scrapes
      • Treats minor skin irritations
      • Treats bee stings or insect bites
      • Treats hemorrhoids
      • Prevents and cures urinary tract infections
      • Clears up acne
      • Assists with menopausal dryness
      • Eliminates congestion
      • Prevents gingivitis
      • Treats rosacea
      • Removes warts
      • Soothes dry/itchy eyes
      • Treats jock itch
      • Eliminates head lice
      • Eliminates nausea- when rubbed on the inside of the wrist
      • Relieves sunburn pain
      • Works as a natural lubricant- not to be used with latex
      • Treats athlete’s foot
      • Prevents swimmer’s ear
      • Eliminates bad breath
      • Treats hives

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil to New or Expectant Mothers:

        • Helps to prevent gestational diabetes
        • Assists in removing newborn meconium
        • Soothes diaper rash
        • Increases milk production
        • Soothes chapped or cracked nipples due to nursing
        • Soothes pain due to teething
        • Cures Cradle Cap

Beauty and Hygiene Benefits

          • Eliminates stretch marks
          • Smooths wrinkles
          • Works as a facial scrub- when mixed with baking soda
          • Conditions lips as an ingredient in natural lip balm
          • Works as a deep conditioner for hair
          • Prevents natural body odor when rubbed under the arms
          • Cleanses skin as a natural soap
          • Removes makeup
          • Moisturizes as a bath oil
          • Eliminates dry or cracked heels
          • Eliminates and fades ages spots
          • Cleans mascara brushes
          • Conditions eye lashes
          • Moisturizes and firms the skin around the eye
          • Works as a natural face wash
          • Prevents hair dye from running onto the face when rubbed along the hairline
          • Minimizes the appearance of pores
          • Strengthens nails
          • Improves skin tone
          • Prevents sagging skin

See next page for more Uses For Coconut Oil Cooking – including Cooking and Household Benefits, plus more.

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