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5 Best Free Grocery Shopping Apps

by Skinny Ms.

5 Best Free Grocery Shopping Apps

Grocery shopping can be a source of stress for many. Between navigating overflowing aisles, clipping coupons, locating the healthiest selections, and deciphering food labels, it’s a wonder anyone goes grocery shopping at all. It’s time to put a little relaxation into your weekly trek to the store. Put technology on your side. With today’s high-tech resources, grocery shopping has never been easier. These free apps will help you plan and execute your trips to the store in an organized way that is more conscious of your time, money, and stress level.

Here are the 5 Best Grocery Shopping Apps:

Grocery IQ ( Grocery IQ is an intuitive shopping list with special features to keep you organized. The customizable lists are easily shared with other family members, and the app also includes digital coupons, barcode scanning capabilities, and predictive search capabilities.

Fooducate (Fooducate, Ltd.). The Fooducate app gives extensive nutrition facts on your favorite grocery store foods, allowing you to shop smarter and healthier.

Grocery Pal (Twicular). Grocery Pal gives users the ability to prepare for grocery shopping trips, with its handy list feature, coupon area and store specials locator. Using your location, the app locates participating local stores and lists specials by category, helping you decide which store to go to ahead of time, helping you save time and money.

Apples2Oranges (Ilium Software, Inc.). Apples2Oranges offers a handy way to compare grocery store items as you shop. Users can choose “Ingredients” or “Price” mode, then use the app to compare items side by side for unit price or calorie count.

Shopping List from Has all of the features most grocery store apps have including bar code scanner, lists, specials, and voice recognition.


For more grocery tips, check out 6 Must Have Lists for Your Ultimate Grocery Shopping Guide. You can also find good advice in 10 Tips for Healthy Shopping and Grocery Shopping with Children.

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