1-Move Belly Bulge Challenge

The simple belly bulge fix!

A little belly protrusion is normal and common. However, if a slight bulge bothers you, this simple belly bulge fix can help you cinch your middle and define your waist.

Stomach bulge doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of shape. It can be caused by our own organs weighing down on our abs and protruding from our lower belly. While you can’t remove your internal organs, you can easily improve your look by training your stomach muscles to hold everything tight. When you suck in your belly, you engage the transverse abdominal. The transverse abdominal is a muscle that acts as the body’s natural corset. It wraps around you and cinches you in. And training your transverse abdominal is easier than you think!

For this 1-move belly bulge fix, we’re challenging you to engage your transverse abdominal throughout the day for at least two weeks. This is a minimal-commitment challenge that can actually deliver great, long-term results! So if you’re serious about cinching your waist, join us on the 1-Move Belly Bulge Challenge.

What to do: Watch the video below to learn how to hold in your stomach and activate your transverse abdominals. In order to complete the challenge, pull the belly muscles as tightly as possible and hold for 20 seconds while breathing normally. Repeat this at least 10 times per day, every day for two weeks. Additionally, try to keep your transverse abdominals engaged throughout the day. Pull them in while keeping your posture and movements normal.

After two weeks, this should become second nature, giving you a naturally smaller waist.


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