7-Day Summer Legs Challenge

Break out those sundresses and short shorts!

Work on you Summer Legs any time of the year with this 7-Day Summer Legs Challenge

Beautifully toned and defined legs can now be yours 365 days a year!

The Summer Legs Challenge is designed to target trouble zones, specifically, the thigh area. Saddlebags and cellulite, can both be reduced by performing this challenge as stated below and following a clean-eating plan.

As with all the Summer Challenges (Abs, Arms, Butt),  it is recommended the following tips be implemented for the next 7 days and preferably longer. Keep in mind, diet plays a key role in fat loss and ultimately how your body looks and feels. Here are some recommended tips to go along with the Summer Legs Challenge:

1. Drink water – It’s a good idea to have water available and drink several or more glasses throughout the day, about 2.5 liters.

2. Sodas – Give up sodas, including diet.

3. Avoid junk food and fast food.

4. Eat more fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, lean protein and low-fat dairy and avoid processed foods that are packed with sodium and refined sugar.

5. Eat smaller portions, about the size of your fist. We eat 5-6 small meals each day and never have hunger pangs. Check out the Skinny Plate Challenge for more tips.

6. Read labels and look at the ingredients’ list. Avoid products that contain refined sugar, enriched flour and high levels of sodium.

Equipment Needed: a yoga type mat or soft surface for floor routines, a kitchen chair for stability, one set of light dumbbells, either a flat bench or approximately a 12″ step or stable box for step-ups, and an interval timer. Below you’ll find video demos for all the exercises. It’s very important that you watch each video to understand the correct form for each exercise.

What to Do: The routines below will be performed as circuits. Circuit Training is a type of workout that typically combines high-intensity cardiovascular exercise with weight training. A circuit is the completion of all exercises in the routine, one after the other, with little to no rest between exercises. Each completed circuit is followed by a short rest period before starting the next round.

Let’s get started!!! Daily workouts are under 20 minutes.


Complete 2 circuits:
50 Prisoner Squats
Rest 10 Seconds
20 Power Jumping Jacks
Rest 10 Seconds
30 Inner Thigh Lifts (15 each leg)
Rest 10 Seconds
30 Forward Skaters (15 each leg)
Rest 10 Seconds
25 Jump Squats
Rest 10 Seconds
20 Walking Lunges, while holding light dumbbells (10 each leg)
Rest 30 Seconds


Complete 3 circuits:
20 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts –
hold 2 dumbbells
Rest 10 Seconds
20 Side Lunges (10 each leg)
Rest 10 Seconds
30 Jumping Jacks
Rest 10 Seconds
20 Step-Ups (10 each leg)
Rest 10 Seconds
25 Prisoner Squats
10 Seconds Rest
10 Walking Lunges, while holding light dumbbells (5 each leg)
Rest 30 Seconds


Complete 4 Circuits:
30 Spartan Bows (15 each leg, hold to a chair if needed)
Rest 10 Seconds
30 Side Lunges
(15 each leg)
Rest 10 Seconds
20 Power Jumping Jacks
Rest 10 Seconds
20 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts, while holding two dumbbells
Rest 10 Seconds
15 Gengis Khan
Rest 30 Seconds


Rest/Recover Day: Keep moving, spend 30 minutes walking


Complete 4 circuits:
50 Prisoner Squats
Rest 10 Seconds
20 Power Jumping Jacks
Rest 10 Seconds
30 Inner Thigh Lifts (15 each leg)
Rest 10 Seconds
30 Forward Skaters (15 each leg)
Rest 10 Seconds
25 Jump Squats
Rest 10 Seconds
20 Walking Lunges,
while holding light dumbbells (10 each leg)
Rest 30 Seconds


Complete 4 Circuits:
20 Stiff-Leg Deadlifts – hold 2 dumbbells
Rest 10 Seconds
20 Side Lunges (10 each leg)
Rest 10 Seconds
30 Jumping Jacks
Rest 10 Seconds
20 Step-Ups (10 each leg)
Rest 10 Seconds
25 Prisoner Squats
10 Seconds Rest
10 Walking Lunges, while holding light dumbbells (5 each leg)
Rest 30 Seconds


Complete 4 Circuits:
30 Spartan Bows 
(15 each leg, hold to a chair if needed)
Rest 10 Seconds
30 Side Lunges 
(15 each leg)
Rest 10 Seconds
20 Power Jumping Jacks
Rest 10 Seconds
20 Stiff-Leg Deadlifts,
while holding two dumbbells
Rest 10 Seconds
15 Gengis Khan
Rest 30 Seconds

BONUS: PILATES THIGH SLIMMING WORKOUT (optional)- Perform this Workout if you would like a Wednesday Routine.

Prisoner squats

Power Jumping Jacks

Inner Thigh Lift

Forward Skaters

Jump Squats

Walking Lunges

Stiff-Legged Deadlifts

Side Lunges

Jumping Jacks


Spartan Bows

Gengis Khan

IMPORTANT: This challenge is for 7 days only. Following the 7 day challenge, feel free to use any of the workouts but keep in mind each major muscle group should be worked out 1 to 2 times weekly, with 2-3 days rest in between.

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  1. The butt challenge was so much easier than this one, which is murdering me (and I'm only on day 3!) I'm also running 3 days a week now so I hope I'm not overdoing it.

  2. Hi!I would like to know what can substitute the light dumbbells because I only have the heavy ones.Thank you.

    1. Kenisha, Your body weight will work for many of the exercises. There is no real substitute for dumbbells. Can you purchase a set of light ones?

  3. Hi. I like this idea of a challenge, but is it too intense? I can run a 10k but I can barely get through the power jumping jacks. Just wondering.

    1. Terry, It is intense! How difficult will depend on your fitness level. Running and performing other types of lower body workouts, target muscles differently. I would recommend spreading out the challenge over 2-3 weeks in order to get your muscles prepared.

    1. lman, You will see some results, yes. This is more of a jumpstart. Continue doing some of the exercises to see more progress.

  4. hi! I wanted to ask
    if i did this challenge for two weeks would i see some results at all?
    i will also be cleansing during this time

    1. While it may take longer than two weeks to see a noticeable difference when you look in the mirror, the results will be taking place in the inside much sooner than that. You will feel stronger, your energy levels will increase, and your body will be more effective at burning fat and calories. The key is to be consistent over time.

  5. wanted to ask
    I have a big party coming up in about 2 weeks
    Do you think this workout + healthy eating would slim down the inner part of my thighs by then, but still keep the outer shape of it?
    Thanks <33

    1. Hey Asia, It certainly is worth doing the workout for the next two weeks. Be sure to eat clean and eat on salad size plates. Also, drink lots of water. We’ve had lots of positive feedback with all of our summer workout challenges. After your party, find a workout program that works for you. You’ll find tons of excellent programs on our site. Keep us posted on your progress. 🙂

      1. Hi I feel awkward to wear jeans because of my fat thighs… Is it possible to gain desiresable slim legs in a month.. how many inches can I loose with this programme?

        1. Yashi, Everyone is different so it’s not possible to know exactly. Be sure to eat a clean diet and do cardio in addition to this workout.

  6. Hello, will this weekly routine bulky up my legs or it will only tone them and make them slimmer? I am struggling with my inner and outer thigh fat…

  7. Hello,
    On my second day because i started yesterday. It’s challenging with the aore muscles but great workout. I plan to skip the rest day, will i be pushing it?

    1. Rest is important to include in a fitness routine because it allows muscles time to recover and repair themselves so that they become stronger and better able to support a more active lifestyle. If you are experiencing any muscle fatigue at all, we would not recommend skipping the rest day. This could damage your muscle fibers more or cause injury. This would derail your progress by more than one day.

    1. Tina, Just choose one of the non-jumping exercises listed and sub in for the jumping ones. 🙂

    1. Lola, That’s going to depend on the individual based on many variables, for example, height, weight, sex, etc..

  8. Hi, I’m quite self conscious about my thigh fat and I’d like to get rid of it ASAP. Will the results show clearly after 1week?

    1. Africa,

      Everyone is different and the results depend on numerous factors, for example, current weight, diet (clean eating is important), age, etc..
      First, focus on eating a healthy diet, for example, fresh veggies, fruits, lean protein, nuts, legumes, and drinking lots of water.
      Second, after completing the 7-Day Challenge, continue working out and doing some of the HIIT challenges on the site. You’re on the right track! 🙂
      Here’s a favorite plan among many of our readers: https://skinnyms.com/slim-down-with-the-walkrun-plan/

      1. Hey nice workout challenge….I’m trying to build more muscle in my legs will this workout help with that if I keep this in my go to routine?

        1. Andre, This is an excellent workout for building more muscle. After the 7 days, be sure to switch up your routines with other leg workouts.

  9. I have jiggly chub thighs n jiggly butt that I’m starting to lose the nice shape of, what can I do to tone n lift my butt n tone my thighs asap? Ps.. I’ve never had luck in toning these areas! I’ve always had thicker butt n thighs n smaller waist, But I tend to lose interest if I don’t see results in a minimal amount of time. PLEASE HELP ! Depression has caused a Lil weight gain n my husband isn’t as interested n we’ve only been married over a year!

  10. hi I’m going to a beach party in 8 days and i was wondering if this 7 day workout will help me get rid of my inner thigh fat and give me thigh gap

  11. Hi, I have a massive beach party that will go over two days in exactly seven days, if I do this workout exactly will I have slimmer and toned thighs by then?

    1. Lisa, Lisa, Everyone is different but if you do the challenge, you’ll have the most success by following it exactly. Enjoy!

  12. is there a way to lose most of your thigh fat in one week and then build muscle? i need it now, for a special occasion. it would be disappointing to know that there was not anything for this.

  13. I would love to try this challenge, however I can’t access the videos on m computer, meaning I have no idea how to do most of the exercises, and therefore cannot do the challenge!
    Also I have been either working out or running nearly everyday so far this year, and my legs are only just starting to get some definition..otherwise they are still as big and shapeless as ever. Any advice?

  14. I am loving this. Have done 2 days so far but I am unable to do any kind of lunges (bad knee) What can I do to replace the lunges?

    1. Hi Kelley,
      We’re so glad that you’re enjoying it! A good alternative to walking lunges would be dumbbell dead lifts. You will still work your glutes, hamstrings and calves, without the added pressure to your knee 🙂

    1. Set your alarm to get up in time to get this done first thing in the morning. If necessary, do half the workout in the morning and the other half later in the day, or evening.

  15. Hii , I want to ask that which is better doing exercise in morning or afternoon or evening? And if I do this for 7 days or if I complete this 7day challenge , will my thighs be slimmer ?

    1. That’s up for debate. There isn’t any scientific proof that one time of day works better than another. The important thing to remember, that you workout. This program will help to tone legs. Be sure to continue working out after the 7 days for long lasting results.

  16. I have some arthritis in my left knee and have had 2 scopes. My Quad muscles have never really come back from this. Would this be an option to do to help strengthen the muscles around my knee?

    1. Susan, This challenge is designed to tone legs. Please check with your doctor regarding any issues with arthritis and these specific exercises.

  17. I didn’t see how many rounds. One sounds like enough, but she says a short rest before starting the next round. Enough to make about 20 min? Probably one round, huh? 😀

    1. Hey Terri!

      The number of circuits is listed right under each day, before the exercises. Feel free to perform more or less though! Whatever works best for you 🙂

  18. Can you please explain the prisoner squats. Dr told me I couldn’t do to deep of a squat during exercise.

    1. Hey Rhonda,

      Prisoner squats are normal squats, but you keep your hands behind your head the whole time in order to target your core in addition to your lower body. Definitely check with your doctor to see what exercises you should be performing in place of squats.

  19. Hey! Having a hard time wrapping my brain around the walking lunges. Reps and sets are confusing me. For Monday, it states 12 reps and 5 for each leg. Does that mean starting on my left, walk/lunge to the count of 12? Repeat 5 times with a left start? Then 12 steps times 5 on the right? Thanks!

    1. Hey Kim!

      It wasn’t you, it was us! That was just an error. 12 walking lunges is now 10 (5 per leg.) So you’ll alternate left, right, left, right, etc… for 10 lunges. Does that clear things up? Thank you for catching that! 🙂

  20. Hi, I have a very important event coming up in 6 days, if I use this workout with a HITT prohram and healthy eating will the effects be visible?

    1. Hi Monique,

      Exercising regularly and clean-eating will definitely help you feel healthier and more energetic within a week’s time, but physical changes usually take at least a few weeks. With that being said, it’s never too late to begin working towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle! We have plenty of healthy eating plans and workout programs to help you accomplish this!

  21. This is a great workout plan! This is not for beginner who just started working out, however if you are a beginner you may need to modify the first week or so then work your way to the full workout. You obviously will not burn as many calories at first but thats OK! Maybe try 1 less circuit or so til you build up. Be patient and stay with it! My whole body felt great and worked after doing this plan! Love how it changes every day so you don’t burn out! Thank you for the workout!

    1. Trying to keep track of calories burned. Have any idea the amount of calories burned for each day?

  22. Hi, I’m not overweight or anything, I just want tonned legs will this help? Or are there specifically tonning routines? Thanks

    1. Alice, This is a great workout for toning and building muscle. If you prefer toning only, just use less weight.

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