10 Money-Saving Grocery Tips

Don't let clever grocery store marketing get the best of you!

Did you know there’s a reason supermarkets place dairy and produce on opposite sides of the store? Are you aware of the incentive behind the size of shopping carts? Or that stores choose music intentionally designed to encourage you to buy more? If you assumed these factors were merely coincidental, think again! Close examination and research behind grocery store shopping will clue you in to the laundry list of strategies stores use to get you to spend more money. What’s more, chances are you’re falling for them!

10 Money-Saving Grocery Tips

You can beat the system and avoid emptying your wallet. With an awareness of common supermarket tactics and the right advice, you can shrink your grocery bill while stocking up on all the essentials. Here at SkinnyMs., we’ve created a list of 10 terrific grocery tips that’ll help you save money and prevent you from falling victim to clever marketing and grocery store schemes.

1. Avoid the Middle

It’s no coincidence that you’ll find dairy and produce on opposite sides of the store. Many supermarkets place essential sections far from each other because it forces you to navigate the inner aisles, which might prompt you to purchase inessential items. Outsmart your grocery store by circling the perimeter, then evaluate your cart to determine whether or not you have everything you need.

2. Don’t Shop Hungry

When you shop on an empty stomach, everything looks delicious. The mere sight of fresh baked pastries or colorfully-wrapped candy bars might be too tempting to resist. According to research, hungry shoppers tend to spend more money. You could certainly splurge on nutrient-poor, calorie-rich foods you wouldn’t have a problem avoiding if your tummy wasn’t grumbling.

Munch on one of these 15 Grab-N-Go Snacks before hitting the grocery store. Keep your hunger levels in check!

3. Slice and Dice Yourself

Pre-packaged, already prepared produce items might look appealing, but they cost more than the produce itself. By carving out a little extra time to clean, slice, and dice fruits and veggies yourself, you’ll spend a fraction of the price on these items and ultimately do your wallet a big favor.

4. Shop with the Season

To get the best bargain, keep an eye out for items labeled “in season.” Not only do these foods taste fresh and super flavorful, but you’ll end up saving a lot. Besides failing to compare to seasonal foods taste-wise, out-of-season produce costs significantly more since it travels farther.

Get adventurous with these 5 Best Seasonal Vegetables. They taste incredible when in season and boast impressive nutritional profiles!

5. Say Yes to Frozen!

Make the frozen foods aisle your friend. You can buy large quantities of frozen foods for way less than fresh foods, offering some killer bang for your buck. You can’t go wrong when stocking up on large quantities of produce! Besides lasting for long periods of time, most frozen produce offers just as many nutrients as their fresh counterparts and taste just as delicious.

10 Money-Saving Grocery Tips2

6. Grow a Garden

Nothing beats biting into a juicy tomato you’ve picked fresh from your own garden. Growing a garden is the ultimate planet and budget-friendly hobby. Fresh fruits and vegetables taste absolutely delicious, and by growing them yourself, you know exactly what’s going into your food and you don’t have to worry about harmful pesticides and fertilizers.

7. Be Wary of Bulk

Deals on bulk items seem enticing, but if you calculate the cost per pound, you might realize you’re really not saving that much in the grand scheme of things. When it comes to produce, you don’t want to make unreasonable purchases of bulk items, especially since you risk not consuming the produce before it reaches its expiration date.

8. Listen to Upbeat Music

Many stores strategically choose music with a leisurely beat to get shoppers to take their time as they stroll through aisles. This tactic throws shoppers off track, triggering them to take longer and buy more. Wear headphones and listen to energizing music- this will keep you focused while warding off distractions.

Give those eardrums a throwback by listening to this Best of the 90s Workout Playlist while you shop, or get energized and stay focused with this Get Your Body Moving Music Playlist!

9. Make a List

Making a list ahead of time will help you stick to your healthy menu plan for the week and allow you to get in and out of the store quickly and efficiently. Bursting with bright colors and tempting advertisements, supermarkets have the ability to easily distract you, pushing you to purchase goods you don’t need. Stick with a well-rounded, nutrient-rich list to stay on track!

Here are 6 Must Have Lists for your Ultimate Grocery Shopping Guide to help you get started!

10. Opt for Less Pricey Protein

Meat is expensive, and purchasing meat on a regular basis can take a toll on your wallet. Luckily, your grocery store has a bunch of alternative options that offer just as much protein at a fraction of the cost! Foods like eggs, legumes, and tofu are wonderfully nutritious protein sources that boast friendlier price tags than most meat products.

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