Best of the 90s Workout Playlist

Go back to the era of Tupac with this heart pounding playlist!

Pump up the jam! Pump it up! No one can resist pumping up their jam with a well-curated 90s workout playlist. And Skinny Ms. has got the 90s workout playlist to pump your jam today and every day!

Once you’ve finally pumped up your jam enough to get your booty out the door, Technotronic will hand you over to House of Pain where they can make sure you jump up, jump up, and get down (seriously good stuff for those calf muscles, people).

And what 90s workout playlist in its right mind would be complete without Madonna? We’ll have you striking a pose by the end of your workout, which will be perfect for the selfie you’ll need to Instagram to boast about your impressive sweat session.

At the risk of sounding even cheesier (a risk Skinny Ms. is willing to take on behalf of your health and well-being), we suggest that if you like this 90s workout playlist (which we know you will), that you make sure to Give it Away now! Your friends will appreciate it, and trust us, the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be grateful too.

1. Give it Away

Red Hot Chili Peppers – 92 BPM Amazon/iTunes

2. Ready or Not
Fugees – 90 BPM Amazon/iTunes

3. Smooth
Santana, Rob Thomas – 115 BPM Amazon/iTunes

4. Pump Up The Jam
Technotronic – 89 BPM Amazon/iTunes

5. California Love
Tupac, Roger, Dr. Dre– 95 BPM Amazon/iTunes

6. Only Happy When it Rains
Garbage – 121 BPM Amazon/iTunes

7. Pony
Ginuwine – 142 BPM Amazon/iTunes

8. Boom! Shake the Room
DJ Jazzy Jeff, The Fresh Prince– 102 BPM Amazon/iTunes

9. Jump Around
House of Pain – 104 BPM Amazon/iTunes

10. Vogue
Madonna – 116 BPM Amazon/iTunes

Every great playlist needs a fun workout to match up with. These total body workouts are a perfect way to tone and strengthen from head to toe:
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