The 10 Rules of Forever Weight Loss

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The true struggle in the world of weight loss is keeping weight off once you’ve lost it. It’s straightforward enough to count calories and exercise your way across a finish line. But what happens when you reach your goal? Obviously, reverting to your old habits can only hurt you. But what exactly are you expected to do now? You need clear rules to follow.

Keeping weight off is the same as losing it, but also a different animal in itself. Respect the struggle it might become. You’ve accomplished something great, but the hard part has only just really begun. Here are 10 rules of forever weight loss.

1. Monitor what you eat.

Don’t throw away your food logs just because you’ve reached your goal. Little things can and will sneak back into your diet, and you must be aware of them before they get out of hand. Keep watching what you eat.

2. Stay active.

You don’t need to maintain a vigorous exercise regime anymore, though it would not hurt if you did. Keep your body active however you can, and avoid becoming sedentary.

3. Stay hydrated.

Dehydration is no joke. Staying hydrated is staying healthy. Continue to opt for water over other sugary drinks, though feel free to sparingly work them back into your diet.

4. Eat consciously.

Savor every single bite of food you take, and stop when you are full. Do not allow yourself to slip into mindless, automatic eating. Be aware of every bite you take.

5. Eat more at the start of your day.

Make sure you are eating breakfast. Keep your lunches at noon, and your dinners reasonably early. Eating late at night will  cause weight to come back.

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6 Comments on "The 10 Rules of Forever Weight Loss"

  1. Maria  February 18, 2017

    I”ve kept my weight loss off for at least 6 years. Portion control and being active have been a big help. I have a 5 lb leeway and am extra careful when I reach that point so it usually only takes a few days to be down those 5 extra lbs.

  2. Carla  April 1, 2017

    What to lose 15lbs in7weeks will include some exercise lots of walkingincluded

  3. Liz  April 2, 2017

    Good to knw I’ve been doing just about everything on the list. Thanks for the reminders and affirmations!

  4. Mary  April 3, 2017

    I lost 20 lbs. 8 yrs ago & kept it off. But past 2 yrs 10 have come back! Going to work these tips to get it off before it doubles!! Not easy!! Thank you for the great info!!

  5. Rachel  August 29, 2018

    I was at 220lbs 9 years ago. I started doing yoga, quit going out and dropped 70 pounds. Since I have done weight training with a mix of light cardio. It is absolutely 80% of what you eat that contributes to your weight. Last summer my lowest weight was 134lbs but I am tall and didnt feel I looked quite right. I’m now steady around 140. I would like to say that though I do weigh myself, it is several months in between. I go by how my clothes fit. Muscle weighs more than fat so please remember that. It isn’t the number, it is about how you feel about yourself. You know your body and you know when those jeans are fitting a bit tight.

    • Gale Compton  August 29, 2018

      Rachel, Congratulations!!! Thank you so much for the excellent tips. 🙂


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