10 Tips for Switching to Vegetarianism

These tips make becoming a vegetarian a breeze!

13 Great Things About Going Vegetarian

Going vegetarian? Whether you made the switch because you saw a grotesque documentary on the cruel treatment of chicken in their pre-McNugget form, or you heard that vegetarians are 24% less likely to suffer from coronary conditions than omnivores, your mind is set. What now? Here are some tips help you resist the temptations around and keep on track:

  • Always Experiment with New Recipes. Lets face it, there is only so much salad a person can eat. To keep things interesting, push yourself to try at least one new meal each week. What about Falafel? Breaded pickles? Or sun-dried tomatoes, Asiago, and red pepper to spice up a typical mac and cheese?
  • Open Your Eyes. You may be surprised with the variety of fruits and vegetables you had never before payed any mind to. Try an unusual legume or bean to substitute into your old recipes.
  • Be Quick on Your Feet.  When you are ordering at a restaurant, do not feel constricted to the small “Veggie-friendly” section on the menu. Look around for things on the menu that you do like, and substitute. If you see the ingredients used in other meals on the menu, the chef is probably willing to switch up your meal.
  • Fight to Keep Your Favorites.  “I’ve never be able to give up my [fill in the blank].” So many people fall off the vegetarian wagon because they couldn’t resist their favorite recipe. Think about what it is that you love about that recipe and implement it into a veggie-meal. Is it the Cajun sauce? Honey Barbeque?
  • Do NOT Become a Carb-O-Nator! Pizza, pasta, bagels, potato… All so quick, easy, and fulfilling for vegetarians, but falling into that starchy trap will just be counter-productive to going veggie for “a healthy diet.” A fabulous alternative is the spaghetti squash!
  • Think of Your Wallet. There are a lot of tofu alternatives out there, but living off of them can get pricey. Look for hidden secrets. Steam fresh lightly sauced sides make a great quick dinner, and are pretty inexpensive.
  • Avoid Awkward Dinner Parties.  Why not come equipped with a vegetarian dish for everyone to sample?
  • Do Not Get Manipulated.  You made this choice for a reason! Keep that in mind when your friends or family pressure you to go back to meat.
  • Ask Questions! Sometimes a meal may sound like it is meatless, but it very well may contain a meat sauce or layer.
  • Have Fun! Vegetarianism can be really exciting! There is always something new to try!

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