15 Products to Help You With Portion Control

Be the portion pro you were meant to be.

Is it time to pare down those portions to take charge of how you look and feel? Try some of these 15 products to help you with portion control.

Many women focus on factors like calories and fat when they’re working to lose weight and keep it off for good. However, portion control is also a major part of a successful weight loss picture. And it’s a factor that doesn’t get nearly enough attention.

It’s oh-so-easy to eat more than you’d intended, especially if you’re using unmarked plates, bowls, and utensils that don’t provide serving guidance. Research already suggests that eating from smaller plates will help you consume fewer calories [1]. However, you can also wrangle how much you consume by using specific products to help you with portion control. Check out these options:

1. Healthy Portions Diet Control Plates, 4 Pack

Pack up almost a workweek’s worth of healthy lunches with these portion control plates, which come with covers.

2. Olive Oil Glass Dispenser Pump with Measuring Cup

This nifty dispenser comes with a no-drip spout that measures out teaspoons, tablespoons, and milliliters.

3. Portion Control Container Kit with Hot and Cold Carry Storage Bag

These containers come with a hot/cold carry bag, making it easy to take your favorite perfectly-portioned meals with you while you’re on the go.

4. Wine Measuring Glasses, Set of 2

When you want products to help you with portion control, you may not immediately think of wine glasses. Yet it’s easy to pour a smidge more than a serving size if you’re not measuring. All those smidges add up! These glasses come marked with four-, six-, and eight-ounce measurements so you don’t take in too many empty calories.

5. Portion Control Cookie Pro Multi-Tool

Set aside the kitchen spoons you’ve been using to eyeball cookie dough and use this tool that scoops out 28-gram dough balls.

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