29 Cool Ways to Go Cruelty Free

Beauty and cleanliness...without cruelty.

Animal testing is designed to ensure the safety of products we humans use. While the FDA requires these tests for products containing certain chemicals, it’s not necessary that the cosmetics, household products and perfumes we use be tested this way. As far as cosmetics go, companies simply choose animal testing as the most convenient method of proving safety, even though other methods are available.

By opting for cosmetic brands that take a more conscientious path to product safety testing, we keep our makeup bags cruelty-free. By choosing organic cleaning products, we can keep our homes clean without harming animals. Check out these 29 cruelty-free products!

Beauty without Harming Animals

1. Nature’s Gate Lavender & Aloe Liquid Soap

Nature's Gate Lavender & Aloe Liquid Soap

Cats don’t need soap; they bathe themselves. Grab this cruelty-free soap here.

2. Castle Baths Massage Oil

Castle Baths Massage Oil1Photo Credit: Alexey Tishin

Animals should be massaged with petting – let’s save the oils for humans. Get this Restoration Oil here.

3. Stella Perfumes

Stella PerfumesPhoto Credit: Susan

Perfume is for humans, not rabbits and rats. Stella McCartney offers a line of cruelty-free scents, including Stella Sheer.

4. Beauty Without Cruelty Powder

Beauty Without Cruelty Powder

Even out your skin tone with this animal-friendly powder. Find it here.

5. Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreen

Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreen
Kick chemicals to the curb with this paraben-free sunscreen, not tested on animals. Buy it here.

6. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

This brand boasts 18 uses in one, all without harming any animals in the making. Check out the Hemp Peppermint soap!

7. Seventh Generation Multi-Surface Cleaner

Seventh Generation Multi-Surface Cleaner copy

Keep the whole house clean with this conscientiously-made disinfectant spray. Get your own bottle here.

8. My True Nature Sudsy Hand Soap

My True Nature Ollie's Super Sudsy Hand SoapLathered solely on humans. Get it here.

9. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba OilPhoto Credit: Erin

This plant-based oil is so good for your scalp, and it’s a great alternative to animal oils. Check out Trader Joes 100% Pure Spa Jojoba Oil.

10. Wheatgrass Hydrator Lotion

Wheatgrass Hydrator Lotion

Vitale makes this Hydrator Lotion without rubbing any animals the wrong way. Find it here.

11. So Balanced Face Toner

So Balanced Face Toner1
This cruelty-free toner is loaded with antioxidants. Grab it here.

12. Crystal Body Deodorant Spray

Crystal Body Deodorant SprayHighly recommended. This is one natural deodorant that really works all day for under arms, and it can be used on the feet as well. Get this product here.

13. Nature’s Gate Shampoo

Nature's Gate Shampoo
A delightful herbal blend that is kind to your hair and to the animal kingdom. Get it here.

14. Beauty Without Cruelty Renewal Moisturizer

Beauty Without Cruelty Renewal MoisturizerRejuvenate your skin with vitamin C and CoQ10 — not tested on animals! Get this product here.

15. Mia Rose Air Therapy

Mia Rose Air Therapy

This cruelty-free air freshener keeps your home smelling fresh without a bunch of chemicals. Find it here.

16. Citri-Glow Multi-Surface Cleaner

Citri-Glow Multi-Surface CleanerPhoto Credit: Doug Waldron

Leaves no chemical residue on your surfaces, and no imprints on the animal world. Get it here.

17. Vaadi Anti-Acne Soap

Vaadi Anti-Acne Soap

Bask in the glory of this fragrant herbal soap, not tested on animals. Find it here.

18. So Balanced Face Soap

So Balanced Face Soap

Use this cruelty-free bar on your face every day for radiant skin! Grab it here.

19. Beauty Without Cruelty Nail Polish

Beauty Without Cruelty Nail Polish

Paws are perfect just as they are, but you might want a little something extra on your human nails. Grab a bottle of this Mermaid shade!

20. Aubrey Natural Lip Tint

Aubrey Natural Lip TintThrow on a splash of color with this cruelty-free lip gloss, found here.

21. Vermont Foaming Hand Soap

Vermont Foaming Hand Soap1
An eco-friendly, all-natural product. Find it here.

22. Earth Friendly Dishwashing Liquid

Earth Friendly Dishwashing Liquid

Keep your dishes sparkling clean with this cruelty-free dish soap, found here.

23. Fruit Pigmented Mascara

Fruit Pigmented Mascara

A 100% natural mascara! For you, not bunnies. Find this product here.

24. CLEAN Fragrances

CLEAN Fragrances

Get this cruelty-free perfume in shower fresh scent here.

25. Burt’s Bees All- Natural Insect Repellent

29 Cool Ways to Go Cruelty Free Animals can defend themselves against bugs; you could use some backup. Find this natural product here.

26. Ambition Multi-Use Facial Powder

Ambition Multi-Use Powder
A colored powder that can be applied to the cheeks and eyes, all without ever touching an animal. Find it here.

27. So Balanced Face Exfoliate

So Balanced Face Exfoliate
Animals don’t need exfoliate. You might. Find this great product here.

28. EcoColors Hair Dye

EcoColors Hair Dye

You don’t need a bunch of chemicals tested on animals to tweak your hair color. Check out this cruelty-free black dye.

29. SHANY Vegan Makeup Brushes

SHANY Vegan Makeup Brushes
Some makeup brushes are made with animal fur, but not these! Find them here.

For more animal cruelty free products check out Leaping Bunny and Animal Cruelty-Free Products.

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  1. Are these products you’ve mentioned here sold to China ? As all products China buy from other countries are tested on animals as is their law .

    1. Denise, Each company would need to be contacted regarding the origins of their ingredients. However, if promoted as being cruelty free, the ingredients should also be. Thank you.

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