30-Day Walk Your Way to Weight Loss Challenge

Walk your way to weight loss with this 30-day challenge that will transform your body and boost your confidence!

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Walking is one of the best forms of exercise that you can perform. Not only is it free, but it’s also low-risk and accessible to practically everyone. Aside from helping you shed excess weight, consistent cardiovascular exercise can help prevent health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Walking can also improve your heart and lung health, strengthen your joints, and reduce stress. This 30-day Walk Your Way to Weight Loss Challenge is simple, but extremely effective at improving your overall health.

Calories Count

Weight gain is a result of a sedentary lifestyle (not exercising enough) and consuming too many calories. In order to lose weight, you must exercise, and more importantly, you must eat the proper amount of calories for your body each day.

Generally speaking, 3500 calories convert to 1 pound. Studies have shown that walking 1 mile burns approximately 100 calories. With this in mind, you would need to walk 35 miles to burn 1 pound of body fat. That’s pretty excessive, right? This goes to show that dieting is a key component to losing weight.

A safe, daily caloric deficit for the average person is 300-500 calories, per day. This will allow you to burn another 2100 to 3500 calories each week. Incorporating exercise on top of this, will lead to much faster, yet still totally safe, weight loss!

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Reaching Your Goals

There are multiple ways to hit your mileage goals each day. You don’t have to complete the distance assigned all at once; you can do it throughout the day. For instance, getting yourself a pedometer can be extremely beneficial to counting steps. On average, 2000 steps adds up to 1 mile. There are many different ways to increase the number of steps you take each day.

  • You can take a walk on your lunch break and/or after dinner.
  • Form or join a walking group. Accountability partners greatly increase your chances of weight loss success.
  • You can take the dog on an extra walk or put the kids in the stroller and take a few laps around the neighborhood.
  • Switch up the path you take, routinely, so that you don’t get bored. You’d be amazed how much longer you can walk when you have interesting scenery to look at.
  • If you can walk to school or work, do it! If it’s too far, park farther away than normal to get more steps in.
  • Taking the stairs can add up to a considerable amount of extra steps each day.
  • Pick the time of day that works for you! If you’re an early bird, get some miles under your belt before the sun comes up. If you’d rather workout at night, get as many steps in during the day!

30-Day Walk Your Way to Weight Loss Challenge

In the beginning of this challenge, you’ll only be required to walk a couple of miles a day so getting in your exercise will be fairly easy. As it progresses, however, you will be asked to complete up to 6 miles in a day. This is when taking steps to help yourself throughout the day will come in handy. Getting more active will fill you with energy, boost your mood, and help you become the healthiest you’ve ever been!

What you need: It’s highly recommended that you get yourself a good pair of shoes. Check out these 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Cross-Training Shoes. You should also make sure you stay hydrated, so it’s a good idea to get a water bottle that you can take with you!

Are you ready to begin? Let’s get moving!

Day 1: Walk 1 Mile

Day 2: Walk 2 Miles

Day 3: Walk 3 Miles

Day 4: Walk 1 Mile

Day 5: Walk 2 Miles

Day 6: Walk 3 Miles

Day 7: Rest

Week 1 Mileage = 12 Miles (1200 calories burned)

Following a 300 calorie daily deficit: 3,300 calories burned

Following a 500 calorie daily deficit: 4,700 calories burned

Day 8: Walk 2 Miles

Day 9: Walk 3 Miles

Day 10: Walk 4 Miles

Day 11: Walk 2 Miles

Day 12: Walk 3 Miles

Day 13: Walk 4 Miles

Day 14: Rest

Week 2 Mileage = 18 Miles (1800 calories burned)

Following a 300 calorie daily deficit: 3,900 calories burned

Following a 500 calorie daily deficit: 5,300 calories burned

Day 15: Walk 3 Miles

Day 16: Walk 4 Miles

Day 17: Walk 3 Miles

Day 18: Walk 3 Miles

Day 19: Walk 4 Miles

Day 20: Walk 3 Miles

Day 21: Rest

Week 3 Mileage = 20 Miles (2,000 calories burned)

Following a 300 calorie daily deficit: 4,100 calories burned

Following a 500 calorie daily deficit: 5,500 calories burned

Day 22: Walk 4 Miles

Day 23: Walk 5 Miles

Day 24: Walk 2 Miles

Day 25: Walk 4 Miles

Day 26: Walk 5 Miles

Day 27: Walk 2 Miles

Day 28: Rest

Week 4 Mileage = 22 Miles (2200 calories burned)

Following a 300 calorie daily deficit: 4300 calories burned

Following a 500 calorie daily deficit: 5700 calories burned

Day 29: Walk 4 Miles

Day 30: Walk 6 Miles


Just because the 30-Day Walk Your Way to Weight Loss Challenge is finished does not mean that you need to stop here! In fact, we recommend that you keep going. Through consistency, your body will begin to adapt. Did you notice that walking became easier as the weeks passed? Maybe you realized that you were walking faster and getting out of breath less. This is because consistent exercise will improve heart and lung health.

If you want to keep walking and finish out the 5th week, you would walk 2 miles on day 31, and then repeat this week’s cycle (4 miles, 6 miles, 2 miles) with day 35 as your 5th rest day.

Keep it Going!

Now, in order to continue losing weight (or at least maintain your current weight) it is imperative that you keep exercising. There are many different forms of cardiovascular exercise, you don’t necessarily need to keep walking. You can swim, ride your bike, roller blade, ice skate, kayak, jog, run, or perform any of the following fun, fat-melting cardio workouts:

Remember, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you get up and get moving 5 to 6 days per week. Keep in mind that rest days are a key element to progressing towards your goals because they are your body’s time for recovery and growth. Without them, you will burn out. Don’t skip your rest day(s)!

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