4 Types of Pets That Need Adopting

Adopt the sweetest pet imaginable...one in need!

Are you thinking of adding a new furry family member to your household? You may be the perfect candidate to make a difference in the life of an at-risk animal. There are certain types of pets that need adopting who are less likely to find a forever home than other animals, simply because of their looks or their past. Check out these 4 pet adoption needs before you make a decision on your new pet.

Black Dogs

Pet shelters are all too familiar with a phenomenon known as ‘black dog syndrome.’ Believe it or not, black dogs have a harder time getting adopted than their lighter-colored comrades, simply because of their color. This could be due to media clichés; if there’s a scary or menacing dog in a book or movie, it’s often black (Hound of the Baskervilles, Harry Potter, et. al.). You can help by taking in a beautiful black pup. A dog’s color has absolutely nothing to do with its temperament!

Senior Pets

Everyone loves puppies and kittens; they’re soft, tiny and adorable. But they’re also a lot of work. Why not consider adopting an older, wiser dog or cat? Senior pets are typically calm and mild-mannered, great for homes with small children and owners who aren’t up for the long walks and frequent play time required by an energetic young dog.

Blind Animals

Think about how frightening life must be for an animal that’s not only lonely, but can’t see. Blind dogs and cats are often in perfectly good health, but have a hard time getting adopted simply because of their vision impairment. A blind pet makes a wonderful companion, and they’re just as loving and playful as a sighted animal. Adopt a blind dog or cat and you’vll be a true hero for that special pet!

Special Medical Needs

If an adoptive home can’t be found right away, pets with special medical needs are often the first to be euthanized at animal shelters. Many of these dogs and cats could be nursed back to health with a little time and TLC. While it’s no small commitment to care for a sick or injured animal, it’s a wonderful thing to do if your household is able to accommodate a special needs pet.

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