4 Ways to Enjoy Superfoods Without Breaking the Bank

Superfoods don’t need to come with a supersized price tag. You can feed your family these nutrient-dense foods without having to strain your wallet. Here are tips for eating superfoods on the cheap:

  • Buy in season. If you’ve ever shopped for fresh berries during winter in a cold climate, you understand the sticker shock that often comes with it. So instead of fresh, out-of-season produce, reach for winter superfoods, like squash, grapefruit, and pomegranates. (Get a wintertime nutrition fix with this family-friendly recipe: slow cooker Pomegranate Spiced Applesauce.)
  • Consider canned. At Skinny Ms. we like to focus on whole, fresh foods. However, choosing the right canned superfood can be a frugal way to keep your diet packed with nutrients year-round. For instance, stock up on protein-rich canned beans that don’t contain added sodium or sugar.
  • Buy frozen. Save money by shopping veggies in the freezer aisle, where you can find, for example, 10oz of spinach for less than $2. Avoid vegetables with processed sauces or added salt or sugar.
  • Freeze your own. Properly-stored superfoods will last for several months in the freezer, which means you’ll get their benefits long after you notice that out-of-season price bump in the produce aisle. Wrap fish, like omega 3-rich salmon, in heavy-duty freezer paper; blanch veggies (briefly scald them in boiling water) to preserve flavor and color; and, store produce in airtight containers or bags. (Tip: Keep frozen blueberries on hand to add a super-nutritious boost to cereal and yogurt year-round.)

For a list of foods that will power-up snacks and meals, check out 50 Superfoods – The Ultimate Shopping List.

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