5 Affordable Tools For Healthy Eating

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We all know that fancy kitchen appliances can be expensive, and some of them don’t even hold up very long for the price you pay. So what’s a girl on a budget supposed to do

Here are some tools that no SkinnyMs. should ever be without in her kitchen. And the best part is, they are all affordable!

1. A Misto Oil Sprayer. There’s just no better way to enjoy the use of heart healthy oils in moderation. Use in place of chemical, non-stick sprays.

2. A sturdy set of measuring cups. Nobody thinks much of these tools until they break. Then we realize just how much we depend on them. So it’s vital to have a sturdy set. Stainless steel may cost a tiny bit more, but it’s well worth the investment and will actually save you money when you don’t have to replace those cheap plastic ones over and over again.

3. A sturdy set of measuring spoons. For the same reasons we gave above, you will need a good set of measuring spoons as well. Don’t underestimate how important these are in a healthy kitchen!

4. A food scale. While we don’t recommend weighing everything you eat, the fact is that for many recipes, you simply need a scale. Having one that can give you measurements in ounces or grams is a definite bonus!

5. An immersion blender. There are few tools that a kitchen savvy SkinnyMs. will use more than her immersion blender. Quick to use and easy to clean, you may never use a regular blender again!

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