5 Fermented Foods that Flush Fat

Saynoara, pesky pounds!

Each year, Americans spend millions of dollars on weight loss products, emptying their wallets left and right on pre-made diet meals, supplements, detox drinks, and calorie-controlled snacks. Companies do a super job advertising their brands’ alleged weight loss abilities, and customers fall victim time and time again to temptation. But these companies don’t want you to know that you have easy access to an affordable alternative that’ll help you trim, tone, and lose inches permanently and effectively-fermented foods.

If there were any kind of food akin to a miracle weight loss pill, fermented foods would earn the title.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, fermented foods are simply foods that have undergone fermentation, a process where bacteria feeds on sugars and starches in food. Consequently, many of these foods deliver beneficial bacteria that promote a stable inner-ecosystem, flush away toxins, detoxify pathways, and allow your body to get the most out of the nutrients you absorb. A digestion system brimming with good bacteria and free of gunk can lead to weight loss at an accelerated rate. Meanwhile, fermented foods reduce cravings and control the appetite, activities which will ward off temptation.

And best of all, you don’t have to go searching high and low to find the right fermented foods. Here at Skinny Ms., we’ve grouped together our top picks for the most effective fat-flushing fermented foods on the market. Affordable and tasty, these fantastic foods will help you reach your weight loss goals while improving your overall health.

1. Pickles

Pickles, made from cucumbers, are among the most calorie-sparse superfoods out there. With a cup clocking in at just 16 calories, pickles have gained quite the reputation for aiding in weight loss. Not to mention, their high water content takes up room in your stomach, ultimately making you feel full on barely any calories. Just make sure to enjoy in moderation- the crunchy, tart delights sometimes carry heavy sodium contents!

2. Raw Sauerkraut

Popular in Eastern Europe, Austria, and Germany, this version of fermented cabbage is a menu must-have when you’re trying to lose a few. Sauerkraut literally means sour cabbage, and it only takes one bite of its pungent flavor to understand why. This bacteria-rich superfood aids in digestion, heals the gut, and improves metabolism. Meanwhile, it boasts many detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties that boost overall health, and allow your body to absorb nutrients it needs and expel unwanted gunk that hinders weight loss endeavors. Did we mention a serving of the filling fermented veggie weighs in at just 13 calories?

3. Kombucha

This stylish tea is all the rage these days. Its yummy taste and bubbly consistency make it easy to dose up on healthy bacteria and powerful probiotics. To whip up the trendy beverage, tea, yeast, and sugar undergo the fermentation process, leaving you with a tart and refreshing weight loss drink that boosts metabolism while aiding in digestion and nutritional absorption. Meanwhile, it tames hunger and controls your appetite by stabilizing blood sugar levels. Make your own homemade version from one of these 5 Krazy-Good Kombuchas.

4. Tempeh

Temp..huh? If you haven’t heard of this powerful superfood, it’s about time you hop on the tempeh bandwagon! A soy-based protein like tofu, tempeh is made from fermented soybeans. But unlike tofu, tempeh’s fermentation process allows it to retain much more antioxidants, vitamins, and dietary fiber. A vegan’s best friend, this versatile dish packs a major protein punch, while delivering nutrients that support a healthy metabolism. Satisfying and nutritious, tempeh makes a great addition to your weight loss menu!

Don’t know where to begin? We suggest whipping up this delicious Maple Glazed Tempeh with Quinoa and Kale, brimming with powerful superfoods your waistline will thank you for!

5. Sprouts

Don’t let their tiny stature fool you! Made from germinated seeds of grains or legumes, these small but mighty superfoods can help you slim, trim, and achieve the figure of your dreams. Their fiber-rich profile helps you feel full and eat less, while incredible enzymes and minerals help purify the blood, detoxify your body, and lower cholesterol levels. When you load up on sprouts, the nutritious, lowfat delights will tame hunger pangs without breaking your calorie bank!

Learn more about their powerful health benefits by checking out 5 Reasons You Should Be Eating Sprouts

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