5 Habits Hurting Your Weight Loss Goals

These habits could wreak havoc on your weight loss goals!

All it takes is one poor choice to spark a bad habit. Freeing yourself from that habit can be incredibly difficult. We understand that breaking unhealthy lifestyle patterns is like swimming against a current. The key to achieving long-term weight loss goals lies in your ability to master healthy habits and dodge destructive ones.

Skinny Ms. is here to help you conquer the 5 Habits Hurting Your Weight Loss Goals. Whether you fall victim based on your upbringing or the habit’s convenience, resisting these behaviors will aid your weight loss goals. Attack these habits and maximize your efficiency!

1. Eliminating Fat 
Some people won’t touch fat with a 20-foot pole. Just because it’s called “fat” doesn’t mean it makes you fat! In reality, healthy fats like those found in nuts, fish, and avocado actually help maintain your weight. Your body needs fat in order to function. Unsaturated fats lower bad cholesterol, block plaque buildup, and prevent belly fat accumulation. It’s smart to steer clear of trans fats and saturated fats which won’t fight the flab, but don’t shy away from the good kind! Like fiber, fat digests slowly and keeps you satisfied longer. Some healthy fat choices include almonds, olive oil, and peanut butter.

2. Following A Sumo Wrestler Schedule
You might not inhale thousands of calories each meal, but the times you choose to eat and exercise might align with these martial arts fighters. Sumo wrestlers intentionally eat and train when their metabolism is at its lowest to gain weight. They accomplish this by exercising on an empty stomach. As a result, their metabolism plummets, their system enters starvation mode, and their bodies cling to every calorie they consume thereafter. So unless you’re training for the ring, grab some fuel before working out! It’ll rev up your metabolism and prevent those pounds from piling on. Check out these deliciously clean workout snacks:

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3. Resorting to Takeout
Your hectic schedule might tempt you to order out. But resorting to takeout when you’re in a rush can dump your day’s health and fitness efforts down the garbage chute. Fast food is convenient, but a speedy meal doesn’t make up for the junk you shovel in your system. On days when you’re running around, stock your car (or bag) with healthy snacks like apples, bananas, and granola bars so you don’t find yourself pushing vending machine buttons later on. If you sense a busy day approaching, plan quick and simple meals ahead of time. Our 15 Plan Early Clean Eating Dinner Menus article will set you on track with delicious meals that are a breeze to whip up.  

4. Cutting Carbs
Oftentimes, people thinking dodging carbs and dialing up their protein intake is the key to losing weight. This habit couldn’t be more destructive to your weight loss goals! The trick to sucessful weight loss lies in a balanced diet, meaning eating food from all food groups. Each group has its own list of vital nutrients to offer, and neglecting one group leads to malnutrition. Malnutrition can spark intense cravings for junk food, sweets, and fast food, and falling victim can wreak havoc on your diet! Eating a balanced diet is good for your health and will melt excess weight for the long term.

5. Abandoning Cardio
In an attempt to lose weight, you might find yourself going hard with the crunches, but soft with the cardio. Strength training is great for toning up and building muscle, but when it comes to shedding pounds, this form of exercise doesn’t cut it. Cardio revs up your metabolism, blasts calories, and keeps your heart rate in check. Research shows that short periods of high-intensity bursts of energy will help battle the bulge more than moderate workouts or strength training.

For simple, versatile workout ideas, give these calorie-burning fitness articles a read:

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Stop inviting destructive habits over to hang out and regain control of your daily routine! Acknowledging and attacking these habits is the first step toward achieving your goals and seeing real, lasting differences.

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