5 “People Foods” that are Good for Your Dog

Open up your kitchen to your dog for a healthy treat!

If you pay attention to your own healthy diet, chances are that you’ll be interested in natural pet food choices that add vital nutrients without excessive processing. The good news is that many of the best foods for pets can be found in our refrigerators or pantries right now. Here are five “people” foods that are good for your dog!

“People Foods” that are Good for Your Dog



Just as humans benefit from the plentiful omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, dogs also get an immune system boost and a healthier coat from adding the tasty fish to their diet. Make sure the salmon you feed your pooch is fully cooked; raw salmon (and other kinds of fish, too) carries parasites that can make dogs ill.


Fry them, scramble them, even hard boil them, for a simple, super-healthy treat for your dog. Eggs are an excellent source of protein, selenium, and riboflavin, especially for pups who are prone to upset stomachs. Sunny side up is off the table, though—dogs should only be fed eggs that are fully cooked.

Sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes

Most dogs seem to love a taste of something sugary, and sweet potatoes do the trick without the dangerous added ingredients in most sweet treats meant for humans. This versatile snack contains fiber, beta carotene, and several different vitamins, and your dog will love them baked, mashed, or sliced and dehydrated.

Fruit with peanut butter

Lots of dogs go crazy for peanut butter. Why not mix in a dog-approved fruit for some added nutritional benefits? Sliced apples and bananas are great choices. Just be sure to avoid the apple’s seeds, which can be toxic to pets.



Packed with antioxidants and fiber, strawberries and blueberries both make excellent dog treats. Scoop up a bag from the freezer aisle for a crunchy snack your pup will love. As with most food choices, berries should be fed to dogs in moderation to avoid too much sugar.

Unlike cats, who prefer a mostly meat-based diet, dogs have adapted as scavengers to love all kinds of foods humans also enjoy! Keep these options in mind next time you’re snacking, and you’ll have no guilt about throwing a few scraps Fido’s way.

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