6 Steps to Become a Regular Runner

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4. Do Some Strength Training

Squeezing some strength training into your exercise regimen can help you become a better runner. In order to speed up and shave minutes off your mile, your muscles and joints need strengthening. These drills can also help you burn additional calories and melt body fat while improving your flexibility, balance, and mobility. Bump up your overall performance by supplementing your runner’s roadwork with some muscle-building exercises.

This Runner’s Strength Training Workout will get you started.

5. Challenge Yourself

Part of the fun involves scoping out your potential and seeing what you’re capable of. Running the same distance daily for the same length of time will bore you to tears, and your body will adapt to the workout and stop showing signs of improvement. As you run regularly, you build muscle and gradually increase endurance abilities. Shake things up with different types of runs and challenge yourself by trying to make shorter times or incorporating high-intensity intervals. You’ll sculpt yourself into a stronger and speedier runner in no time!

6. Have fun with it!

Running should keep you stimulated and take you on adventures. Change the scenery by running in different environments. Jog through parks and nature trails to savor the fresh, outdoorsy air Mother Nature has to offer, or enjoy the exhilarating bounce you get from running on a track.

A bomb playlist will keep you motivated and add to the fun. Check out our Ultimate Workout Playlist for some bumpin’ beats guaranteed to give you the extra push you need!

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