6 Ways to Support Our Wildlife

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March 9th, 2015 kicks off National Wildlife Week in the United States. From our national parks to your own backyard, this week is a chance to celebrate, learn about, and support the wonderful wildlife around us. Here are 6 ways to commemorate the week.

Visit a State or National Park

America has close to 60 national parks, and every state has its own system of protected natural areas for the public to enjoy. Not only are these parks are a great place to spot local wildlife, they’re a nice change of scenery for a walk, hike or bike ride. Click here to find a park in your area.

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree adds oxygen to the atmosphere and helps restore the natural habitat for local wildlife. Plus, it’s fun to watch over the years as a tree you planted grows from a small sapling to a towering canopy.

Go Fishing

Our waterways are one of our most precious natural resources; what better way to celebrate them than by enjoying a day out on the water? Fishing has many ecological benefits, and the fees from fishing licenses go directly to support state and local fishery departments.

Learn About Bird Watching

Bird watching, or “birding,” is a great way to learn more about the creatures we so often take for granted. You might take a class with your local chapter of the American Birding Association, or set up a bird feeder and observe the beautiful guests that arrive at your doorstep.


Get involved with your local affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation or the Audubon Society. You might help plant natural vegetation, cleanup a park or stream, or donate your time teaching others about the environment.

Make a Contribution

Conservation and environmental groups can always use a little extra financial help. We love the World Wildlife Fund, which works to restore habitats for endangered species all over the world, and the National Geographic Society, the namesake non-profit of the acclaimed magazine.

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