7 Cat Behaviors and What They Mean

Deciphering your cat's odd behavior can be a challenge!

As adorable as they are, there’s no doubt that cats have some quirks. If you’ve ever wondered why they do the crazy things they do or how to handle their oddest behaviors, here’s a list that explains it all.

Nail Biting
When it comes to nail biting, cats are just like us. They bite them for two main reasons. Either they simply have a bad habit and are feeling anxious, nervous, or bored (remind you of anyone?) or, they feel as if their nails are too long and need a trim. If it’s the latter reason, you can carefully trim your kitty’s nails. Just be sure you trim a comfortable distance from the quick (the pink part beneath the nail).

Random Sprints
It happens all the time. Particularly in the middle of the night, your cat sprints from one room to the other for no apparent reason. Your cat, who can run up to 31 miles per hour, is simply exercising! When the house is quiet at night they often take the opportunity to enjoy it all to themselves. House cats can have a lot of pent up energy and they are just releasing it in short spurts. You can help keep your cat healthy by regularly exercising them with toys.

Sleeping on Your Chest
This behavior is actually quite sweet. There’s nothing better than cat cuddles. Although there is no scientific reasoning behind this one, veterinarians believe that the warmth of your chest combined with the sound of your heartbeat is comforting to your kitty friends. They also feel secure knowing that when they are on top of you, you aren’t going anywhere without them.

Attacking Your Feet
Your cat is practicing his moves – on you! But don’t take it personally. His pounces, jumps, and attacks are just a simple way of playing and having fun. Embrace his need to get out that energy by using a toy, piece of yarn, laser or feather toy to help him practice those moves. When he attacks your feet, although it’s tough, try not to move them! It only makes them more enticing.

Twitching Ears
Those twitching ears are expressions of agitation and anxiety. The action indicates to whoever is bothering them to back off. If you have two cats, you might notice one twitching her ears to the other. If the other cat does not back off, then they may act on the anxiety by running away, hissing, or attempting to swat.

If you’ve ever noticed your feline looking out the window and chattering (mouth open and moving jaw quickly) then it just means that your cat has gotten frustrated for some reason. The sound your cat imitates sound a bit like a baby goat and it happens when they are aggravated or excited. It’s completely normal.

Uncovered Poop in the Litter box
Most of the time cats will use the litterbox and cover up their business. However, if the poop is left uncovered it could be an indication that your cat is angry. It’s his/her way of showing dominance. This can happen more often when there is more than one cat in a home. The one trying to be dominant will not cover his/her poop.

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