7-Day Slim Down Challenge

Get the lowdown on a slim down that works.

Day 6: Wrangle those portions.

Today, begin focusing on portion sizes for each meal and snack you eat. Look at each recipe’s recommended serving size, and then measure out that amount at mealtime. Get into the habit of doing this at every meal so you don’t accidentally overeat. If you’re the type of snacker who likes to eat right out of the bag, today is the day to say “goodbye” to that unhealthy habit. 21 Clean Eating, Pre-Portioned Snacks is a tasty resource to bookmark. Also check out 8 Easy Tips for Controlling Portion Sizes.

Day 7: Try a new workout today.

Challenge those muscles to work harder by trying an exercise routine that’s new to you during the Slim Down Challenge. Never tried running before? Get those dogs in gear with this Guide to Starting a Running Program. Are weights a foreign concept? Weightlifting Plan for Beginners is perfect for you. Cruise through all our Weight Loss Fitness Resources to find a new routine that boosts calorie burn so you can slim down.


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