7 DIY Real Sports Drinks

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Say goodbye to the yellow #6, brominated vegetable oil, and the high fructose corn syrup in many commercial sports drink and hello to these 7 simple homemade ones.

1. Homemade, All-Natural Gatorade

Homemade, all-natural “Gatorade”

Zingy and thirst quenching, with a touch of dolomite powder.

2. Honey Limeade


Coconut water, lemon and lime, honey and sea salt, work together to replenish and hydrate in this drink .

3. All Natural Sports Drink

All-natural sports drink

Calcium, citrus, stevia, and sea salt. Just add water do the mason jar mix.

4. Real Food Electrolyte Drink

Real Food Electrolyte Drink

Citrus, water, stevia, and salt. That’s all you need to get those electrolytes back up.

5. A Healthy Homemade Sports Drink

Healthy Sports Drink

A little bit of basil and some coconut water give this thirst-quencher have a fresh flavor.

6. Homemade Electrolyte Solution

Homemade Electrolyte Solution Recipe

This all-natural sports drink recipe gives you a choice of ingredients you can use so you can get creative and play with the flavors a bit.

7. Orange Sports Drink

Orange Sports Drink

With only 5 ingredients, this is another variation on a citrus sports drink.



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  1. Kristine  July 18, 2014

    Great collection of real food electrolyte drinks! Thanks for sharing my recipe! 🙂

    • SkinnyMs  July 21, 2014

      Kristine, Thanks and you're very welcome:)!!


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