7 Foods That May Be Slowing Down Your Weight Loss

Ditch these foods and start seeing some scale progress!

Losing weight can be a challenging journey. Stepping foot into the grocery store involves taking on a conflicting battle of choices, especially when exposed to countless brands of foods that claim to be healthy. Foods with “sugar-free” or “low-fat” labels might seem enticing, but more often than not, these brands are far from waistline-friendly. Here at Skinny Ms., we’ve busted out 7 foods that delay the weight loss process. In fact, daily consumption of these specific foods could even lead to gradual weight gain. Luckily, with some minor menu tweaks, you can easily avoid these items without sacrificing your favorite foods.

But along with dodging these pound-piling culprits, make sure to consume foods in moderation, and be mindful of portion sizes. A bag of mixed nuts, for example, could contain a boatload of nutrients, but even a small bag could account for 3 or 4 servings of the calorie-rich superfoods.

All in all, successful weight loss begins with a healthy diet, and the first step involves surrounding yourself with the healthiest options possible. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare to raid your kitchen for these red-flag foods, and replace with cleaner, waistline-friendly alternatives!

1. Diet Soda

Chockfull of artificial sweeteners, diet sodas are among the most vicious weight lost antagonists in the market. The deceptively sweet, synthetic sugar in these “calorie-free” beverages trick your body into thinking it’s consuming sugar, triggering an insulin spike.

The fake stuff, including notorious chemicals like aspartame and sucralose, invites hunger hormones and can lead to overeating. Meanwhile, consuming diet soda affects your metabolism, as your system shifts from its initial fat-burning state to a fat-storing state.

Trouble giving up your favorite bubbly beverages? Here are 4 Healthy Alternatives to Diet Sodas!

2. Light Yogurt Brands

Generally praised for its nutrient-rich profile and probiotics, yogurt has a reputation for making a healthy snack, especially when you’re looking to drop a few pounds. However, many brands boast “fat-free” or “low-calorie” labels that overcompensate in dangerous areas, like sugar. Instead of going for the lighter yogurts, which will have you feeling hungry shortly after, opt for low fat, protein-packed brands made from real ingredients, and pay less attention to the calorie count .

3. Granola Bars

Ditch those sugary, store-bought granola bars if you want to see some scale progress! People tend to misconceive granola bars, putting the item on a health pedestal for the ideal grab-and-go snack. Unfortunately, many brands are jam-packed with fat, added sugars, carbs, preservatives, and artificial ingredients that’ll do more harm than good. These will lead to blood sugar spikes, overeating, and weight gain.

Whipping up your own homemade recipe, however, can help you save money and enjoy the hand-held snacks without guilt! Check out these crisp and crunchy 6 DIY Granola Bars, and you’ll never go back to the store-bought kind again!

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