7 Herbal Teas That Are Great For Your Body

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Ditch the morning cup of joe for a healthier alternative- herbal tea! Herbal tea, just like coffee, comes in a wide variety of flavors, and each one helps your body in different ways. Inserting herbal tea into your diet is a great way to transition out of the coffee addiction you might be experiencing, helping you feel a lot more energized after each and every cup. Herbal teas are made from an infusion of a variety of leaves, roots, seeds, and other important parts of plants. Essentially, this is an easier way to digest healthy plants! Here, are our top 7 picks for herbal teas that are great for your body.

1. Ginger Tea

You may or may not have heard, but ginger tea is extremely popular in many cultures to subdue nausea or any sort of upset stomach. The idea behind it is that it restores your appetite and allows you to consume food as normal. One of the easiest ways to prepare ginger tea is by steeping a ginger root in hot water and adding honey and/or lemon juice for flavor.

2. Chamomile Tea

This tea invokes a calming and soothing sensation. A few of its more popular uses include treating a cough, cold, or insomnia. If you are experiencing any sort of irritation or pains, it creates a sedative feeling throughout the body to help you release any tension. It is best had before heading to bed.

3. Green Tea

One of the most popular herbal teas, green tea comes in so many different forms and treats your body in a multitude of ways. According to many specialists, green tea contains a lot of antioxidants, specifically one called catechin, which helps combat cell damage. It also has been proven to improve the flow of blood and lower cholesterol, so this tea is a great investment. For more reasons to make the switch to green tea, check how green tea is a superfood.

4. Peppermint Tea

A great drink for the fall and winter, along with a few gingerbread cookies, this tea is more than just a festive drink. Peppermint tea, in its best form, works to relieve symptoms of bloating. If you are experiencing abdominal pains during that dreaded time of the month, just pour yourself a cup of peppermint tea, and it will definitely help ease the pain.

5. Rosehip Tea

Not nearly as popular as a few of the teas mentioned above, rosehip tea is a wonderful source of vitamin C. If you currently rely on store-bought orange juice for your vitamin C, swap it out with rosehip tea. It contains significantly less sugar and is much better for you!

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