7-Minute Flat Abs Challenge

7 minutes is all you need for a strong core!

Interval training is incredibly effective because it revs up your resting metabolic rate. This means that the amount of calories you burn at rest is elevated even after you’re done. You’ll enjoy the fat-burning benefits for up to 24 hours!

This interval challenge is specifically designed to target your core. A strong core is paramount for many exercises. From yoga to running, strong abdominals help you maintain good posture and avoid sports-related injuries. This 7-Minute Flat Abs Challenge is designed to give you a tough core without taking hours at the gym.

In order to get the most out of the workout, perform the exercises as fast as you can while maintaining proper form. You’ll get a 10-second recovery period in between exercises so you can give it everything you’ve got!

Equipment Needed: floor mat, interval timer (Gymboss is a free timer app)

What to Do: Perform each of the exercises for 20 seconds, then take a 10-second rest. Cycle through all moves, then repeat to complete your 7-minute challenge. Repeat 2-3 times per week for best results.

Exercises to Be Performed: 

7-Minute Flat Abs Challenge 001
1. Cross Knee to Elbow

7-Minute Flat Abs Challenge002
2. Side Plank with Dips (right side)
3. Side Plank with Dips (left side)

7-Minute Flat Abs Challenge 003
4. Side Plank Knee Raise (right side)
5. Side Plank Knee Raise (left side)

7-Minute Flat Abs Challenge 004
6. Mountain Climbers

7-Minute Flat Abs Challenge 005
7. Jackknife Crunch

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