7 Probiotic Rich Foods that are Good for your Gut

Treat your gut to some powerful probiotics!

When people think of bacteria, they often think of germs that invite sickness and disease. But not all bacteria carry a red flag. In fact, certain bacteria are crucial for your health and come with amazing health benefits and healing powers.

Meet probiotics. Probiotics, or live bacteria and yeasts naturally found in your body along with certain foods and supplements, help replace good bacteria your body has recently lost while balancing the amounts of good and bad bacteria. Your digestive tract contains over a thousand types of bacteria. Many daily factors, such as taking certain medicines, contain properties designed to kill this bacteria. A probiotic deficiency can lead to digestive problems, skin disorders, and a weak immune system.

We’ve grouped together 7 probiotic rich foods that are good for your gut. As your gut’s best friend, probiotics improve your digestion and defend against gastrointestinal problems. But they have a whole lot more to bring to the table.

Eating probiotic-rich foods on a regular basis can boost your energy levels, help with weight loss, and improve both your immune system and skin. What are you waiting for? Stock up on these simple items next time you hit the grocery store and prepare to reap the benefits of probiotics!

1. Yogurt

7 Probiotic Rich Foods that are Good for your Gut1
Yogurt with live cultures is a menu-must when you want to up your probiotic intake. Keep an eye out for items that carry powerful strains like lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. When choosing this creamy snack, opt for plain Greek yogurt, as many brands contain scary amounts of high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners (to keep the calorie count down).

Making your own yogurt will radically boost the probiotic count while delivering a boatload of nutrients. And it’s easier than you think! Check out How to Make Greek Yogurt!

2. Sauerkraut
Dealing with digestion problems? Allow sauerkraut to serve as your knight in shining armor. Made from fermented shredded cabbage, this tangy superfood is jam-packed with beneficial enzymes and good bacteria. These probiotics boost your body’s production of lactic acid, which helps break down and assimilate food during digestion.

Sauerkraut hasn’t received the attention it deserves. It certainly falls under the category of incredible yet underrated superfoods. For more powerful and underrated foods, check out these 7 Underrated Foods that Do Wonders for your Health!

3. Tempeh
Another fermented food, tempeh is made by adding a yeast-based starter culture to beans, forming a cake-like consistency. The enzyme-rich food packs a protein punch along with a host of incredible vitamins and nutrients. These enzymes help you break down food easily and allow you to digest protein your body has difficulty digesting from regular beans.

Dive into this scrumptious Maple Glazed Tempeh with Quinoa and Kale!

4. Miso Soup
Easy on the stomach and full of nutrients, this traditional Japanese soup is made with superfoods like tofu, seaweed, and fermented soybeans. The soup delivers live enzymes that detoxify and improve intestinal health while kicking your metabolism up a few notches.

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