7 Probiotic Rich Foods that are Good for your Gut

Treat your gut to some powerful probiotics!

5. Kombucha

7 Probiotic Rich Foods that are Good for your Gut
Originating in the far East, Kombucha has been praised for thousands of years for its incredible health benefits. The fermented beverage of black tea and sugar carries live bacteria, vinegar, b-vitamins, and probiotics. Together, these properties team up to cleanse and detoxify while improving your digestion and giving your energy levels a nice boost.

Whip it up at home! Here are 5 Krazy Good Kombuchas that hydrate, flush out toxins, and boost your immune system.

6. Pickles
Who knew the crunchy and delicious low-cal snack would rank high as a probiotic-rich food? Only choose pickles sold in refrigerator section and look for labels like “live and active cultures.”

7. Raw Cheeses
Some, not all, cheeses carry probiotics that can improve your gut. These include types made with lactic acid and bacteria, like Gouda, cheddar, and swiss. Soft cheeses serve as a deliciously creamy way to add more probiotics into your diet while boosting your immune system.

Not all comfort dishes are unhealthy! Treat your taste buds (and gut!) to a deliciously irresistible bowl of Smoked Gouda Mac n’ Cheese.

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