8 Household Items that Could Poison Your Pet

Scan your home for these common items.

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Have a dish of rubber bands sitting on top of your desk? What about an azalea bush in the backyard? You might not realize that these everyday objects are actually pet poisons that can cause sickness and even death! Take note of these 8 poisonous household items that could be dangerous to your animal companion.

Dental floss

Dental floss is long and stringy, and can wreak havoc on a pet’s intestines when swallowed. Always keep it in a drawer or medicine cabinet, and throw used dental floss in a trashcan with a lid.

String, yarn and rubber bands

Like dental floss, these favorite feline playthings can be hazardous when swallowed and also pose a choking hazard. If your kitty loves to play with balls of yarn, always make sure she does so under supervision and that the yarn is put away when she’s done playing.

Medicine and vitamins

We know all too well how much dogs love to get their paws on a bottle of pills–it looks and sounds just like a fun toy! Butt everyday painkillers like aspirin and Tylenol and even vitamins can be fatal when consumed by pets. Never leave bottles of bills out on the table or countertop.

Aerosol sprays

Scented aerosol sprays and cooking sprays can be toxic to birds, as can the fumes from self-cleaning ovens. Avoid using these items if your household includes a feathered friend.

Fertilizer and plant food

Is your dog allowed in the garage? Make sure all fertilizers and plant chemicals are high up on a shelf in closed packaging. These materials are poisonous when ingested.


This wintertime standby is especially dangerous because it has a sweet taste that attracts animals, but even an amount as small as a teaspoon can be fatal when consumed.

Grapes and raisins

Many people foods are okay to share with your pets, but grapes and raisins are not on the list! These can cause kidney failure in animals.


The garbage contains all sort of goodies that smell delicious to pets, but many of the innocent things you’ve thrown away could be harmful if your pet eats them. Chicken bones, for example, can splinter in a dog’s stomach, causing serious problems. It’s best to keep the garbage in a trash can with a secure lid; even better if it’s closed in a pantry or under a cabinet.

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