8 Pets and Their Famous Parents

Can you guess which actor won over his new dog by putting meatball on his shoes?

While most of us are slogging it out at our 9-to-5, others are tasting caviar, traveling by private jet and lapping up a life of luxury. We’re not talking about humans, though—we’re describing the pampered celebrity pets of some of America’s most famous figures! Check out these 8 famous celebrity pets and see if you’re surprised by their well-known owners.

8 Pets and Their Famous Parents 001

Before Jessica Alba gave birth to her daughter, Honor, she was already a mom to these two little guys! Bowie the American bull dog and Sid the pug are named after musicians David Bowie and Sid Vicious.

8 Pets and Their Famous Parents 002

No, that’s not a doll. It’s Giggy, the pedigreed Pomeranian belonging to Lisa Vanderpump of Bravo TV fame. Giggy can often be seen sporting his signature tuxedo and rarely leaves his mom’s side.

8 Pets and Their Famous Parents 003

This cocker spaniel mix is Einstein, whose life did a total 180 when he was scooped up by Hollywood royalty. When George Clooney adopted Einstein from a rescue group, the pup was scared, overweight and struggling with several health complications. Legend has it that Clooney won him over by rubbing meatballs on his shoes prior to their first meeting. Clearly, it worked!

8 Pets and Their Famous Parents 004

Self-proclaimed cat lady Taylor Swift is mom to two adorable kitties, Meredith and Olivia Benson. If that second name sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the name of the leading female detective on the TV show ‘Law and Order.’

8 Pets and Their Famous Parents 005

Lucky dogs! These Springer spaniel siblings, Sunny and Lauren, struck it rich when they were adopted by none other than iconic media mogul Oprah. Fun fact: Sunny and Lauren also have a brother, Percy, who was adopted by another woman shortly after Oprah brought home the girls.

8 Pets and Their Famous Parents 006

These might be the two smartest cats on the block. They’re James Franco’s pets Sammy and Zelda, named after literary characters Sammy Glick and Zelda Fitzgerald. Franco is such a feline fan he reportedly often shows up to events covered in cat hair! Don’t worry, buddy. We can relate.

8 Pets and Their Famous Parents 007

That big old teddy bear is Genghis Khan, the chow belonging to Martha Stewart. Genghis recently took home the title of best in breed at the Westminster Dog Show. How’s that for a pedigree?

8 Pets and Their Famous Parents 008

Musician Cee Lo Green gave America cat fever when he brought his furry feline Purrfect to help him in role as a judge on NBC’s ‘The Voice.’ Purrfect has since become quite the celebrity herself; she even has her own Twitter account!

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