9 Non-Toxic House Plants for Cat Parents

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Headed to a housewarming? You might want to think twice before picking up that pretty potted geranium as a gift. If your host has pets of the feline variety, that well-intentioned gift could actually be dangerous! There are plenty of non-toxic plants for cats that are both beautiful and safe. Here are 9 non-toxic houseplants cat parents will be happy to display in their homes.

Rabbit’s foot fern

Though most types of ferns thrive in high humidity, the rabbit’s foot fern does well in the mid to low humidity of an indoor environment and looks great potted or hanging.

Acorn squash

For those with a green thumb, acorn squash is one of the easiest garden varieties to grow. Unlike its cousin, the summer squash, the acorn squash can be preserved to last through the winter.


Universally recognized as one of the easiest and most low-maintenance houseplants, bamboo makes a pretty and fool-proof addition to any home.


This classic, brightly-colored favorite does well outdoors in mild climates. Once established, these flowers are hearty easy to care for.


Delicate and graceful, orchids are a wonderful gift for households with cats. They only need watering once or twice a week, so they’re also an ideal gift for the hostess that travels frequently.

Grape ivy

Grape ivy is a vine with bright, shiny leaves that easily cling to a trellis or stake. Though it’s a climbing vine, it also looks great in a hanging basket.

Sweetheart Hoya

Its endearing heart-shaped leaves make this easy-to-care for potted plant the perfect sign of affection.

Boston Fern

Boston ferns enjoy high humidity and indirect light, making this houseplant a nice choice for a patio or front porch.

Mariposa Lily

This beautiful variation of lily thrives in warm, dry climates and doesn’t need much watering.

For a full list of plants that are a great choice for households with pets, visit the ASPCA’s comprehensive guide. For more useful information for pet parents, like our Petosity page on Facebook and keep up with us on Pinterest.

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