Apple’s HealthKit Inspires Dozens of App Developers to Follow Suit

Take your healthy lifestyle hi-tech!

With Apple’s new release of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and its new iOS8 software, it has introduced one of its most groundbreaking apps yet in HealthKit. And with the popularity of HealthKit and other devices used to track health and fitness, dozens of app developers have followed suit with their own apps that work seamlessly with HealthKit to allow you to monitor your food intake, exercise goals, and other health variables such as sleep quality and weight loss.

Mac Observer has detailed the various apps available that work alongside HealthKit, and I’ve gone ahead and tried out several of them to see how they add up! CarrotFit is a highly usable app with a fun interface that works very simply. It allows you to enter the foods you consume and the amount of exercise you partake in, and it shares the info with HealthKit, giving you some applause when you work toward your goals and some gentle chiding when you slip up. It’s one of the more easy-to-use health apps right now. And for those of you who have been tracking your fitness and eating for years, old standby MyFitnessPal is now sharing your health data with HealthKit. If you’re used to MyFitnessPal, it’s now added that feature for you! And honorable mentions go to Yummly, a terrific app that shares recipes and kitchen tips that will have you whipping up healthy treats, and Zova, which details fantastic exercise routines tailored just for women.

We’re absolutely loving the latest options for tracking diet and fitness on a daily bases. These apps help with goal setting, maintenance of progress, and motivation. Since our calendars, our daily communication, and our social lives are often taking place on our phones, it makes sense to add health and fitness to the phone interface as well. Android users, what apps have you found that help you stay on track with your health goals? We’d love to hear your favorites in the comment section!

Source: Mac Observer

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