Battling Soda Addiction

Beat your soda addiction!

How many cans, bottles or glasses of soda do you drink on a regular basis? Do you get multiple refills when at a restaurant or buy them by the case when grocery shopping? If so, check out what Skinny Ms. has to say about battling soda addictions and how you can break free!

First of all, here are a few reasons why drinking  soda is bad for you:

  • There is no nutritional value added to your diet; soda has nothing to offer your body! It is just empty calories. If you drink regular Coca-cola Classic, you are adding up to 77,300 calories and 43,100 mg of caffeine per year!
  • Salt content in soda is high, which causes excess water weight. Even though diet soda contains no calories, the extra salt actually adds to your waistline instead of reducing it.
  • Drinking soda increases women’s risk of osteoporosis!
  • Phosphate-based sodas are linked to kidney stones.
  • Drinking soda on a regular basis leads to tooth erosion, cavities, and diabetes.
  • Buying soda is expensive! On a regular basis adds up to about $500 to $700  a year or more, if buying by the case and just think of how less expensive your meal at a restaurant would be without the soda; filtered tap water is so much cheaper.
  • In a recent study, 48% of soda fountains tested at restaurants contained coliform bacteria, which is linked to fecal matter!

If these alarming facts do not help you kick the addiction, try keeping a food diary. Keeping a  food diary to track your soda consumption is a great way to realize just how much soda you are drinking a day/week and what triggers you to drink them. Were you at a restaurant, watching television, at a baseball game? Each day, keep track of the number of sodas you drink and the time you drink each soda. Also, keep track of your water consumption. About a week after keeping the diary, start with small goals, such as one less soda and one more glass of water a day and no soda after 6pm, etc.

Slowly over time, you can eliminate soda from your diet, and you will find yourself drinking more water as a result. At first, it will be hard (especially no soda after 6 pm), but eventually it will get easier until your craving for  soda will completely diminish.

How much soda do you currently consume? How did you finally kick your habit?



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  1. Hi Skinny Ms! Love the site! But I have a question about the soda!! I too love soda, diet 7 up and diet root beer! I find altho they are artificially sweetened and both are caffeine free I do really enjoy them! I drink loads of water, 2 cups of coffee and the rest, maybe 2-3 cans of pop per day, 1 with my lunch and 1 after work while prepping dinner and then one in the evening. I like to think the carbonation makes me feel full and prevents me from snacking in the evening, or grabbing a treat after lunch.

    If these sodas are both caffeine free and calorie free can they really be that bad?

  2. I really like the plane. I couldn't go cold turkey but this gives me a game plan. I know I drink more than I should but less than I have in the past. Let's see how I do.

  3. I know how bad soda is for me, so I decided to give it up. I found it easy to kick soda if there were convenient alternatives readily available. I love unsweetened black iced tea during the summer, hot tea in the winter, Kombucha, and when our Pur water pitcher is kept full, I tend to drink LOTS more water. My only complaint is my husband drinks and eats like a 14 year old boy (i.e. highly processed gluten-filled foods, soda, chips and cookies, frozen meals, etc.) and it's bringing my eating habits down too. It's hard when half the food in our home is organic, wheat/dairy/ovo free and spring-loaded with the good stuff, but the other half of our food is a bunch of soda and super processed, sugary/salty, with tons of mystery ingredients. HELP!

    1. Beth, It sounds like your husband doesn’t plan to change his eating habits…at least not in the immediate future. With that being said, I would recommend that you focus on your eating plan…something you have control over. It’s the same in my household. I eat healthy and my husband not so much. Don’t allow anyone else’s eating habits to effect yours. Stick with it and continue eating healthy…you’re on the right track!

  4. I just gave up soda 3 weeks ago, and it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be (of course I also quit smoking a few months ago, and after that soda is nothing). I also gave up my Crystal Lite-type drink, because of all the fake stuff. The first couple days I super-hydrated, and that helped keep the caffiene headaches away. Now I keep pitchers of water with lemons, limes, berries, herbs…. anything to keep water interesting. I was worried about dining out, but after a couple times, I know I can do this too!

  5. Hi guys! I was a diet coke addict. For real. I even started bringing it to work with me in the morning in a coffee mug. That's when I knew I was in trouble. I went away for a week to visit family, where they never have soda, and I tested myself by only drinking what they drank (mostly water and tea), with the promise that I can have a soda as soon as I get home… which was probably the only thought that got me through that week. When I got home, my cravings weren't as bad and my headaches were gone, so I decided to try one more week. I am serious when I say after that second week, I had NO cravings! That was at Christmas of 2012, and I am still going strong! I had a craving about a month ago and finally caved in for a nice fountain soda… and it tasted HORRIBLE! I could literally taste the chemicals.

    My advice to anyone who wants to kick this horrible habit… give it the 2 week test! Stay away from it for 2 weeks and then see if you still have cravings, or try it and see if you even still LIKE it! It's worth a shot, and your mind and body will love you for it! 😉

  6. What about sparkling mineral water? One that isn't unsweetened such as Perrier. It's not so much I need caffeine, I gave that up years ago but I need my bubbles!

    1. James, Start with a sparking, unsweetened water, then consider gradually moving to non-carbonated. I recommend seltzer water since it doesn’t have added salt or added sweeteners. Club soda is a no, no. 🙂

  7. You mentioned one of the benefits of removing soda (I have 2-3 diet sodas a day, when I eat) from my diet was hygiene. How does soda affect one's hygiene ? Thanks.

  8. My husband and I are in the throws of being addicted to coke zero. We are starting the challenge. I am a Weight Watcher member and I am struggling with these last few pounds and I think it's because of the diet soda. I am willing to give this up and start to feel better. Thanks for the encouragement. Will keep you posted on the outcome.

  9. I am a coke a holic — literally if it is not a soda (no diet sodas either) a real coca cola or dr. pepper pr pepsi i dont drink it.

    I have just started a 30 day challenge and was curious to any weight loss anyone has had over a coke free span of 30 days? I do eat healthy just my coke addiction …. thanks.

  10. I'm the same as Ashley. I started drinking Coke when I was a kid and I've just been addicted ever since. And that's the only soda I drink honestly, which doesn't help that I work in a movie theater where I have free access to it all the time. My problem is that I haven't found a substitute. I'm going to start trying selzter water but if there are any recommendations on substituting coke for something that tastes similar that'd be amazing.

  11. I really like the plan. I couldn’t go cold turkey but this gives me a game plan. I know I drink more than I should but less than I have in the past. Let’s see how I do.

  12. Hi my name is Jennifer and I’ve literally drank soda everyday since I was 4 years old it’s Dr pepper and Pepsi and I think I’m finally getting tierd of it but I don’t know how to stop because I become very emotional and angry at every thing and every one also I get a migraine and I feel light headed and weak if I don’t at least one but I normally have at least 4 to5 or 6 cans every day all day long from time I wake up till I go to bed

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