Brown Rice vs. White Rice

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Have you ever wondered about the difference between brown rice and white rice? It all comes down to the milling of the rice hulls (husks). The following video discusses the nutritional differences between white and brown rice:

Rice hulls or husks are the layers of coating on top of the seeds or grains of the rice plants. Brown rice is rice where the husks have not been removed or only partially milled to remove only some of the husks. Additional milling can be performed to remove more husks to create white rice.

White rice is the starchy center of the plant. It is sweeter, more easily digestible and has a longer shelf life than brown rice, but it has lost some of the fiber and vitamins during the additional hull removing process. White rice is still good for you, but you will get more nutritional benefits with the brown rice.

There are supposedly 40,000 different varieties – whoa that’s a lot of rice!

What type of rice do you prefer?

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