Can You Be Overweight, but Still Healthy?

Don't feel unhealthy just because you're overweight.

Have you been on an exercise regimen and eating healthy for years, but still can’t seem to have the model figure of your friend who is a type-A couch potato? Being a little over weight does not necessarily mean you are unhealthy. Genetics has a lot to do with body shape, and health is a direct reflection of fitness, not weight.

What does being fit mean then, if it doesn’t reflect in your size? Well, there are several factors that play into being “healthy”:

Aerobic Endurance– A low resting heart rate and the ability to quickly recover from an aerobic activity is a sign that you have high endurance. You can build this up by running, walking, jogging, or hiking at low intensity for a long and consistent amount of time.

Muscle Mass
– Performing resistance exercises will increase your muscle mass. After 30, the body begins to lose muscles without proper up keep. Muscles assist with strength, moving, and protection of your bones and internal organs.

Flexibility- A big indicator of your state of health is your flexibility. It is important to keep stretching your body, whether you do a yoga routine or just typical pre-workout stretches. It protects your body from many injuries.

Strength– Believe it or not, you can be choc’ full of muscles and still be lacking strength. Strength is the ability to use your muscles to move things around. Although building muscles typically correlates with building strength, it is important to be sure you include some lifting into your training.

Balance– This one comes with the rest. While running, jogging, and yoga excising, your body becomes able to maintain its center of gravity over your base, as well as in motion.

Agility– This is the ability to perform quick, explosive movements, while staying balanced–and without pulling a muscle. Stretching and quick, alternating, sprints are the way to get here.

So, if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is a little high, but you are sure that your up to par with all of the characteristics above, you should not be too upset. Just keep on trucking and the pounds will come off. However, if you are sure that you are working your butt off to stay in shape, but you BMI is severely high, you may want to let your doctor know, for the problem may be sprouting from an uncontrollable internal factor, such as an under-active thyroid.

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