Cast Iron Cookware – The Original Cookware

Switch all of your non-stick pans to cast iron to reduce toxins in your food!

Cast iron cookware can help you make the most of your meals, and even help reduce toxicity of the foods you eat. Not only does cast iron cookware provide a healthy alternative to conventional non-stick cookware like Teflon (coated cookware that may cause health hazards), it also can be used in the oven, over a campfire or on the stove making it not only easy to clean, but also versatile.

Cast Iron cookware makes a perfect gift and can become a family heirloom passed down for generations to come. Want to try out some cast-iron cookware? Shop our great selection, and get yours here at our SkinnyMs. Store!

Here are 5 reasons to try a piece of cast-iron cookware soon:

  1. Cast Iron is Easy to Clean. Foods lift easily from cast iron cookware and it rises easily. No soap needed to clean this cookware, and it isn’t even recommended. All you need to clean these skillets is hot water and a sturdy brush, and you won’t need a powerful dish soap to remove food from this cookware. If the pan is very greasy, you might just need a little soap to break it up.
  2. Cast Iron Provides Health Benefits. Studies have shown that using cast iron pans for cooking actually allows the iron to leach into your food. Sounds scary but the truth is for many people, this additional iron is beneficial and there is just a small number who are sensitive enough for this amount to be harmful. For the great majority of folks who are not overly sensitive to iron, this mineral is important for maintaining energy levels, and helps support a healthy immune system.
  3. Cast Iron Cookware is Inexpensive. If you want to replace non-stick pans, you may have already considered purchasing stainless steel cookware. However, the price of one 10-inch stainless skillet will run you well over $40.00, whereas a comparably sized cast iron pan would only cost around $15.00. Check out this affordable Lodge Logic Round Griddle here. 
  4. Cast Iron Cookware is Durable. This cookware won’t scratch, you’ll never break the handles and there is no need to buy special utensils like plastic spatulas to use them. Go ahead and use your silverware to stir or scoop foods because you won’t cause any harm! They make great gifts because they last so long, and you may even give a gift that last through generations since cast iron is so sturdy, and wears well.
  5. Cast Iron Supports Weight Management. Once you season a cast iron pan you won’t need to coat it with vegetable oil, or butter. If you purchase a pan that is pre-seasoned you can still use a drop of oil, or cooking spray but by having the option to cut out the cooking oils, you can reduce your fat intake, and cut calories.

Cast iron pans may very well last you through generations, making them economical and a great alternative to non-stick pans that damage easily and require careful use over time. Cast iron won’t chip, or flake off into your food even after years of use. They are non-toxic, and are easy to use, and to clean. Try them for yourself and you’ll quickly realize the many benefits of using cast iron.


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