How to Shop Smart for The Perfect Winter Gear for Runners

Make your winter runs comfortable as can be.

Fitness is a year round hobby, and running can be just as enjoyable in the winter as it is in the summer. As long as you have the right women’s winter running gear, that is.

The right gear is the difference between a comfortable winter run and a painful one. Running clothes for the cold aren’t just about protecting you from the temperature. You also have to consider wind, snow glare, dryness in the air, and potential snow or ice on the track. There’s a lot to keep in mind when choosing winter gear, but below we’ll go into how you can shop smart.

Some aspects we think are important when considering winter running gear include:

  • Proper insulation (the main and most important aspect)
  • Proper skin coverage (long sleeves, high collars, etc.)
  • Loops around your thumbs and heel to keep clothes from riding up and exposing skin
  • Layers that you can remove and add as you warm up and cool down
  • Key pockets for essentials
  • Fashionable styles (you don’t need to give up your personal style just because it’s cold outside!)

There are affordable women’s winter running clothes available online. These items are convenient and competitively priced to give you a good idea of what you should be looking for. Check out some of our top picks, all available from Amazon. And if you decide to try any of them, let us know what you think in the comments!

1. Baleaf Women’s Thermal Fleece Athletic Tights

If you’re running outdoors in the winter, the first thing you’re going to want is a warmer pair of leggings. This pair is plenty warm. They’re water resistant (not water proof so you might not want to dive headfirst into snow), meaning they’ll keep you reasonably dry. And they’re tight enough for you to layer under thicker sweats when the weather gets even colder.

These pants offer traditional running comfort such as moisture-wicking fabric and a small pocket to carry your keys and essential. These are great pants you can use throughout fall and winter.

2. RunAlp Women’s Thermal Running Sport Jacket

One outdoor running essential for winter is a warm jacket that zips all the way down. You can keep it zipped up when you start running and zip it down if you get too warm. Trust me, it’s a must-have!

This thermal fleece jacket is the perfect combination of light and warm. It features a high collar to provide you with some neck protection, and two zippered pockets in the front perfect for holding your phone.

3. Nike Women’s Dry Element L/S Running Top

You should always keep at least one high-necked running top. We would never forget a scarf when dressing in normal winter clothes, and yet when it comes to running, we often forget to protect the neck. A high-collar like the one features in this Nike long-sleeve top goes a long way in keeping you warm. It has a half zip in the front so you can get some ventilation if you heat up too much.

4. Columbia Women’s Mix It Around Vest

The Mix It Around Vest is a light quilted vest with hand pockets and a high neck design. The collar can be either pulled up to replace a scarf, or folded down.

Vest are a versatile clothing item to have for outdoor fitness. You can layer them over any other top, providing essential insulation over your most important organs. Plus, vests come in all kinds of fun colors!

5. LWJ 1982 Women’s Sport Long Sleeve Function Fitness T-Shirt

This long sleeve top with thumb loops is a perfect under layer for outdoor running. Thumb loops are helpful when layering. They’ll keep your sleeves from rolling up when you put on or remove your jacket, making it easier to layer up or down.

The top is made from a comfortable, stretchy, stay-dry material that’s very versatile. You can use it for all kinds of sports, indoor, and outdoor workouts. You’ll need a simple shirt like this one to wear under jackets or vests.

6. OZERO Women’s Thermal Winter Deerskin Gloves

Gloves are definitely a must when running in super-cold weather. These fashionable water resistant, windproof gloves by OZERO feature sensitive touch screen design so that you can still manage music on your phone and answer calls. You have several colors to choose from and for just $14.99, you might want to get more than one pair.

7. OZERO Sensitive Touch Screen Gloves for Men and Women

OZERO also makes a more sporty-looking model if that is more your style. These are great water-resistant gloves that also feature sensitive touch technology for phone use.

8. TrailHeads Women’s Trailblazer Adventure Ponytail Cap

Ears are another body part that we often fail to protect from the cold. Yet half way through your run they could get so cold it’s painful.

This is one item that keeps your ears warm, keeps the sun out of your face, and lets you pull your ponytail through so that you can run comfortably. As if that weren’t enough, this cap also has reflecting edging along the brim, which makes you more visible to cars and bikers (a must-have safety feature nowadays).

9. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Don’t underestimate the glare from snow. When you’re running on a pure white canvas, the light reflection can be pretty daunting, and a good pair of polarized sunglasses can help save your eyesight. Make sure your glasses have coverage around your peripheral vision, provide 100% UV protection, and stay on while running.

Additionally, a good pair of sunglasses protects you from icy gusts that can dry out your eyes. When your eyes get too dry, they start producing tears to compensate, which can be really uncomfortable while running.

When running outside in the cold, make sure you have ample coverage, from your head to your toes. This means hats or hair bands to protect your ears, sunglasses for your eyes, tops that cover your neck, gloves, thick pants, and warm socks. If you tried any of our top picks from Amazon, let us know what you thought in the comments!

Now that you’re all decked out and ready to go, try some of our killer workouts.


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