Skinny Ms.’ Philosophy on Clean Eating

Learn why you should make clean eating a priority.

Time. If you’re like many, you don’t have enough of it. You might be juggling kids’ schedules, managing work responsibilities, volunteering time, or a hundred other things. So when it’s time to put food into our mouths, we too often reach for the kinds that are processed, boxed, canned—or worse, the drive-through variety. And the result? We put on a few (or more!) pounds, feel sluggish, and even wreck our health.

Enter Clean Eating

What is clean eating? It’s not a fad diet; it’s a lifestyle choice. Clean eating is making the decision to regularly eat healthful portions of foods that are whole and fresh instead of packaged and processed. Eating this way gives the body the nutrients and micronutrients it needs to feel energetic, nourished, and healthy. A few examples of clean eating include:

  • Choosing whole fruits & veggies (like apples and carrots) instead of processed versions.
  • Picking whole grains (such as brown rice, quinoa, or millet) instead of processed grains (like white breads).
  • Replacing fatty cuts of meat with lean cuts or heart-healthy fish.
  • Banishing soda in favor of water, unsweetened tea, or skim milk.

But clean eating is about more than nourishing the body with fresh nutrients and antioxidants; it’s also about what the body is not getting when you say “No” to packaged or processed foods:

  • It’s about NOT giving your body ingredients with names it takes a linguistics degree to pronounce.
  • It’s about NOT packing your body with additives that increase the product’s shelf life but not your own.
  • It’s about NOT overloading your body with refined sugar that may initially satisfy the sweet tooth but, over time, raise the risk of diabetes.

Now is the time to make clean eating part of your family’s lifestyle. It’s easier and yummier than you think!

Here’s our take on what a portion size should be.


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