Your Dog Might Be Spoiled Rotten If…

Does your dog have you well-trained?

Some of us have dogs, others have “fur-children”. We can’t help but treat them like royalty, and they know they have us wrapped around their little fingers (err, paws?). Here are eight spoiled dog examples that are a dead giveaway that your pooch is spoiled rotten.

1. He demands a seat at the table to eat his meals. Or, rather, bits of your meal.

Your Dog Might Be Spoiled Rotten If 001

2. You get 20% of the bed, while your dog gets 80% of the bed. If you have a spouse, that 20% is split between the two of you.

Your Dog Might Be Spoiled Rotten If 002

3. She goes to the groomer more often than you visit the salon. And it costs twice as much as your haircuts and coloring.

Your Dog Might Be Spoiled Rotten If 003

4. You celebrate his birthday like any other member of the family. Dogs deserve cake, too!

Your Dog Might Be Spoiled Rotten If 004

5. He gets upset when someone is sitting in “his” chair. Especially if that someone is the cat.

Your Dog Might Be Spoiled Rotten If 005

6. You order something extra for him when you go out to eat. The term “doggie bag” is taken literally in your house.

Your Dog Might Be Spoiled Rotten If 006

7. Her doggy shampoo costs more than yours. And she pouts if you use any other brand.

Your Dog Might Be Spoiled Rotten If 007

8. You think of him like your child…and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Your Dog Might Be Spoiled Rotten If.008jpg

We know you love to pamper your pets! What do you do to spoil your pets rotten? Let us know in the comments…or better yet, send us a picture of your pets getting the royal treatment!

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  1. I cook my 2 dogs a dog-friendly version of every meal I have, including snacks. For example, if I have pizza for dinner, I will personally make mini pizzas for my dogs, using the toppings that they like. I also make them beds with expensive and comfortable. I give them a spa treatment once a week at home. I put them in a warm bubble bath, give them facials, massages, and mani-pedis. Then, I put comfy bathrobes on them and hand-feed them dog treats. I also bring they’re beds on my bed, letting them sleep wherever they please. I take them on 2 walks each day and play fetch with them. When it rains, I give them an extra spa treatment. Finally, I have a baby carrier and a stroller. One dog sits it the stroller, while the other one sits in the baby carrier. Anyone who criticizes my dog-parenting and tells me I’m spoiling them too much, consider the fact that I love them very much and will not stop spoiling them. They’re not spoiled, they’re loved!

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