Fast Upper Body Workout Equals 45-Minutes at the Gym

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Work smarter, not harder! Push ups, shoulder presses, rows, and flyes. Simplify your arm routine with this fast upper body workout that has the effectiveness of a 45-minute gym session.

This week, we’re bringing you a series of HIIT workouts scientifically designed to deliver results in a short period of time. A recent study conducted at McMaster University found that these simple 10-minute HIIT workouts delivered the same benefits as a continuous 45-minute exercise session. You can read more about the study here. These findings are significant because they show how HIIT can help you stay in shape without investing long hours at the gym.

This fast upper body workout takes only 10 minutes, and it’s designed to target your arms, back, and chest. It incorporates two push-ups variations: one easy for the low-intensity recovery periods, and a more challenging up & down plank for the high-intensity periods. The workout takes a fraction of the time of a regular lifting session, but still provides a challenge to your muscles.

What You’ll Need: A gym timer (Gymboss is a free to download app)

What to Do: Warm up with a brisk walk or jog for two minutes. Set the timer for 20 seconds of high intensity and 2 minutes of low-intensity. During the 20 seconds of high intensity, perform the exercise as fast as you can while maintaining proper form. To make the most out of your workout, you need to push yourself during these 20-second intervals. For the low-intensity recovery period, perform the exercise at a comfortable pace. Finish with a 3-minute cool down.

High-Intensity: Up & Down Plank
Low-Intensity: Wall Push-ups

Repeat 3 times. Note that you only have to repeat the low-intensity exercise twice, in between each high-intensity interval.

Below you’ll find videos explaining how to perform the exercises with proper form.

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